The TRUE Story Of Snow White

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This story is told by the witch. It's different from the original story and deffinetly mixed up. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



The True  Story of Snow White

Today I, the witch, will tell you the true story of Snow White. Those stories you heard about Snow White are all wrong. Here is the totally true story:

  One day I was making candy apples and humming as I did. They were beautiful and tasted great. I tasted one myself. Okay I didn't realize repeat: did NOT realize I had made a bad one. I'm the good guy here! Hold it! Let me tell you about miss Snow White. You may think she's this good girl that never does anything wrong. Well she's not, in fact she's far from nice. She just acts nice. Now don't think I didn't notice her evil side. I did. I just made it out that I had no clue. Anyway back to the story, I did not realize I'd made a bad apple. I cooked them and then set them in a nice wicker basket. I had my old black dress on that I'd made just for baking and didn't bother to change out of it. I picked up the basket and headed for Snow White and the dwarfs Cozy Cottage. When I got there Snow White was tidying up. I glanced down at my dress getting a truly funny idea. This dress did look quite eerie so why not play an evil witch? I pulled out an apple which, with my luck, just had to be the bad one. "Would you like a candy apple my Dearie?" I asked my voice sounded old and evil. She smiled and took the apple from me, actually more like snatched. "Why thank you ." Her fake sweetness was boiling to the top of the pot. She slowly raised the apple to her lips and took a big bite. Her legs started wobbling and suddenly she collapsed! What was I to do? Had I killed her? I had to get her body out of there before the dwarfs came-ugh! Just my luck once again! Here they come. I rushed over to a bush just beside a window. I heard oofs as they crashed into each other caused by Grumpy stopping dead seeing her body. I was nervous about what they would do to me. The only good thing that came out of this was Snow White wouldn't rule the village and other fairy tales like she had planned when I had read her secret diary hidden in the bushes. As the dwarfs stood in a circle I watched their reactions. All of them were shocked and I watched as one by one their shock turned to sadness and tears fell down their cheeks. Then their sadness turned to anger. They all looked around for hints and one spotted me peeking over the window ledge. You'd be surprised how strong those little guys were as they carried me up to the highest cliff. The air rushed around me as I was thrown over.The End. Well actually not really. Snow White ended up living because of 'True Love's Kiss' Ugh. But apparently the apple made her a good person again. I ended up landing on a bed of leaves. Wow for once luck has been on my side. The End, for real this time!

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The TRUE Story Of Snow White

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