Taken to early

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A tale of true love and love at first sight between the young minds in the 40's.i

Submitted: November 21, 2012

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Submitted: November 21, 2012



As she sat on the stool writing away at her desk I wrapped my arms around her. A gentle kiss on the neck gave her shivers up her spine. There we were, together in a silent moment on the balcony outside of her bedroom. That shine on her face really brought out the beauty of her face. She had natural beauty. She didn't need to change anything about her because to me she was the meaning of perfection, the one of a kind girl who could cheer you up when you're down and keep that smile on your face throughout the good and bad days.

Daisy often wrote novels and she'd spend many hours doing this. I'd happily sit there for hours watching her smiling and writing away. She was extremely talented, she played many instruments, was into astronomy and also wrote which was her true passion. That's what her real ambition was in life and I would have done anything to give that dream to her. The dream of being a writer.

So here is our journey together. The first moments and the last moments.

We were both at a concert together and I noticed her in the crowd. Her Blonde curly hair bouncing up and down as she danced away to the music and singing at the top of her voice, the gorgeous smile and her dimples which made me melt inside, her perfect curvy figure and her amazing brown eyes. She had it all. In that instant I wanted to be a part of her life. However, I was a very shy person back then so as any guy feels, I was afraid of rejection and humilation. I left it for weeks but i couldn't concentrate on anything but her. Everytime I listened to music i'd be thinking of that perfect smile and those dimples were the sweetest thought ever. There was no doubt that it was unlikely that i'd see her again. That was possibly the first and last time i'd have seen her. I ruined my chance, i'd blown my chances with a girl that couldn't be any more perfect. It was only three weeks later when i looked out of my bedroom window. She was standing there, but how did she find me and why was she here? I watched as she slowly approached the door looking very nervous. I ran down the stairs and caught my breath before opening the door. I felt my cheeks starting to get warm as i was getting more and more embarrased as she kept smiling at me. She came around to say she was moving into the neighbourhood and she had heard that I lived on the estate. After seeing me at the concert she wanted to find out more about me so she had been asking her friends if the knew anything about me. As she stood there at my door i couldnt help but smile. I eventually invited her in for a drink. We sat there laughing and giggling for the whole morning and nothing could stop us from talking. After a few hours I finally got the courage to ask her out on a date. To my relief she said yes.

So that was the start of it all. The best day of my life. June 14th 1943.

As i stood outside her house waiting for to answer the door I was getting more and more ner vous. Thoughts rushing through my mind wondering why and if she wanted me! She answered the door and she looked just as amazing as usual. Wearing a long red gown and a knitted beige cardigan. I reached out my hand for her to hold and she did so i could instantly feel a spark between us. This moment felt so perfect and it felt so right. We slowly walked down the road heading into town. I was taking her out for a meal then an evening at the cinema. I had been saving money most of the year so I used that money to book the cinema to ourselves. We ate dinner and laughed more and more. I was already finding out things about her. Picking up her habits like when she drinks a little bit always dribbles down her chin. I just laugh whilst wiping the drink from her face. As the night continues I feel even more happy. We head into the cinema to watch a film she had picked.I reached my arm around the back of her head as she rested her face on my shoulder. Another pefect moment I was thinking to myself,

So that was the second best day of my life. The first date. June 25th 1943.

After months of going out together on dates with each of them being more perfect each time. I finally asked her to be mine. We sat on the cliff tops above the sandy beach. As she layed on me with her head rested on my chest we watched the waves just rippling in and out. The smell of fresh sea air, the feel of the cool evening breeze was nice after a warm day out. The picnic we had made together was layed out infront of us and we would occasionally move to eat or drink. I slowly pulled her chin up so that she was looking straight at me. Without any interruptions. I looked her in the eyes and asked her to be my girlfriend. She looked back at me, smiled and kissed me. It felt amazing and i felt a spark as she kissed me. Her lips so soft against mine. We sat there kissing for a few minutes before i slowly put my hands on her face and looked her in the eyes. Her smile like I had never seen it before. This was the start of true happiness for both of us. Together we are one heart beating.

That was the start of US. Equally the best day of my life. September 3rd 1943.

After that, we met up every day. shared many laughs and although we had disgreements they would only be other silly things like which way the food was arranged on our sandwitches and little things that we each had to have perfect. However, none of these moments ruined our day as we would just laugh it all off and just fall more in love with each other every single day.

We had been together just under a year by now and she was going to college to study journalism. I supported her with all of it however it took a turn for the worst. Shortly into her first year of college she was diagnosed with Lukemia. I spent hours and days in the hospital with her. I always wanted to be by her side although sometimes she would just want to sleep so thats when i would go home for a change of clothes and a wash. For the first few weeks I rarely slept. My main priority was my girl. My Daisy. I wasnt giving up on her without a fight and she wasnt giving up without a fight either. A couple of months later I watched as her father walked her down the aisle. We exchanged vows and she looked just as gorgeous without her long curly hair. We danced most of the night until she became tired. As i layed beside her watching her chest rise and fall so gently as she slept i couldn't help but smile. Just seeing her look so peaceful.

So, my wedding day. Definitely taken the top spot for the best day of my life. July 18th 1944.

As i woke up the next morning Daisy was still. I gently shook her but no reaction came from her. I listened out for a breath but nothing came. I shouted out for her parents and they came rushing into her room. We knew it was too late though. She passed away in her sleep the day after our big day.It felt like that was what she kept on waiting for, She knew that she was going to have the happiest day of her life soon and she waited for that day to come before she left to be with the angels. I knew my Daisy was gone and each day was harder and harder. I struggled to smile. I missed the little things like waking up next to her each morning and hearing her gentle little snore each night as she slept. I will always keep that image with me in my head of her sleeping so peacefully the night her spirit left the earth. I know she is still with me, looking down on me but I have one more thing I need to complete for her before her adventure was over.

The worst day of my life. Daisy leaving. July 19th 1944.

Months had passed and i started to read through all of her notes that she had written. I knew that each night she would write a short part of the novel she was trying to complete. I managed to piece all of the bits together however the novel was incomplete. I also knew she had kept a diary whilst she was ill. I wrote a short entry to go inbetween her novel and her diary. I wrote:

My wife novel ended here when she became ill. She could no longer carry on her tale and this is why she could not complete it. The following is an extract from her diary which she wrote whilst she was sick. She had good days and bad days and unfortunately lost her battle of life. I am not completing her ambition to become a writer.

I managed to get a few copies of the whole entire thing done and I sent them off. Within days I had recieved replies saying they wanted to publish Daisy's whole story. From the beginning of her novel right to the last days of her own life.

Mission complete. Achieve Daisy's dream in her memory. November 9th 1944.

The days are still hard without my beautiful wife and nobody will replace Daisy. She was my one in a million. Years have passed and every wednesday I still go down and sit with her by the side of her grave and remember about all the little things that would make us laugh. All the times we smiled from the day of the concert right through to the day she left. All I know is that her dream was fulfilled and she still looks down on me. I can feel it. 

50 years today. September 3rd 1993. 


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