Tess Gerritsen - Last to Die

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Here is a brief book review from Tess Gerritsen's latest rizzoli and isles book. Highly recommended read!

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012



So, Tess Gerritsen has a new Rizzoli and Isles series book out called Last to Die. In this book we see a few familiar characters from previous books. We see the return of Bear the dog and Julian both from the Killing Place book. We also see the return of Anthony Sansome who previously played a part in many of the books including Killing place and Mephisto Club. 

So the book is primarily based on the boarding school in which sansome has put julian into. Now Isles believed this was a regular school and thought that Jualin was really benifitng from this experience. However this is not how the book begins,

The book starts off with 2 stories of children losing their parents. They lose them though murder. It appears at the start that these stories are not actually linked. But that is how Gerritsen writes. It is intriguing to see how these will link and this is what makes this book extremely hard to put down. Rizzoli and Isles are both investigating the deaths of these childrens 'parents'. Now the reason for those quotation marks is that as the story slowly begins to unfold there is a horrible connection. These two sets of children had already lost their real parents. Now they had lost their foster/adopted parents also. There is a child who is witness to his parents death. He witnessed them being killed but as Jane rizzoli tries to find out what this child knows. The child lets his nerves get the better of him and is reluctant to open up to Rizzoli.

As always Gerritsen combines two stories and then gives them a link towards the end of the book and Last to Die is no different. We now go to see Julian. Maura takes a visit to Julians school and is due to stay there for 2 weeks. The thing with Maura as we all know is that she senses trouble. Things with the school seem very eery and Isles picks up on this. After a few days at the school things start to happen. Things that the children shouldnt be witnessing. Maura does a little research and demands that sansone tells her exactly what is going on after finding out about numerous meetings. Isles wants to take Julian home to make him safer but as always Sansone believes he knows best and refuses to let Julian leave. Isles then finds out that this is no ordianry school. There was a purpose as to why Julian was brought here. It was for children who had no families and no where to go. Thats where the story starts to link.

Now, as we see the stories coming together things get more interesting. We see the two children from the start of the book link in with Julian and they become the new three muskateers. They become friends eventually after all of them being withdrawn from everyone else with all of them prefering their own company. 

We see deaths, disturbing signs and captures in this book towards the end and the ending is something you wont want to miss out on. We see a huge twist on things and although the main characters throughout this book as with killing place are Maura Isles and sansone it is still a thrilling end. We see Isles and Rizzoli both in danger towards the end and once you open this book you will not be able to put it down again.

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