A Lost Memory chap 1 - Who am I?...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Another story that i wrote.
Like you know,my muse is my favorite kpop artist and from him i invented the male character.

A drama story about a white young woman that meets love that is a impossible love:teacher and student.
Plus she will meet age diference and rasism.

Submitted: October 27, 2010

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Submitted: October 27, 2010



It was painful...Her head ,her whole body that was in agony.She flew away through the car that hit her and the contact with the earth was so horrible,so unfriendrly.Why her eyes were sheeding tears while lyening on the cold humid street she couldn't take her eyes even though she couldn't see well because of the blood that was flowing on her fourhead.A  familiar shadow that was screaming her name.
She wamted so much to be hold in the arms of that person and to protect her.
- I don't want to die!!!... her inside was screaming.I refuse to leave this world and not know about YOU!

When she opened her eyes she was in a hospital bed and her head was hurting so much.This diziness was horrible that she felt.So much confusion!
- Who am I?suddenly the question came but no answer.Where am I?And why do i feel this huge urge to call a name that i cannot remember ?
Then the image of the person that was next to her came.
- You woke up,i'm so glad,my love! I thought that you will leave me.a man that was around 40 took her hands and kissed them so happy with a false sign  of beeing relefied.Why she felt like he was pretending?
- Who are u?Why you call me my love?
-Oh Yara!...the woman that was on the other side of the bed started to talk caressing her hair.He is your husband.You had a very unpleasant accident and because of the shock you have amnesia.But do not worry,everything will be ok,my dear.Your mother is here and your husband that loses you so much as well.
- I can't remember anything.
-Ssshhh! It;s ok.U need rest.Tomorrow morning we will take you home.Now you should sleep.
Her name was Yara?Really?Why she felt unsafe around these 2 people?Why she felt like she actually needed to be with someone,her soul was telling her that she should try to remember that this is not her home,not her country,not her place and that somehow she has to be in other place.Far away....where love is...love?How did this word came into her twisted mind?
She started to cry,but not even her didn't knew why she was crying.A nurse came and made an injection to her,probably a sedative to calm herself and to fall asleep because soon she felt very tired.

- This is not my home.she said while she was staring at the big room in the fancy apt.from the center of New York.
-What do you mean?THIS IS your home.her mother tried to smile.
- It feels so empty.I feel so empty inside as well.And that man is not the one that is my husband.
You say so many nonsense,dear.Of course Francis is your husband.And you are lucky,because he is a working on a bank and has fluently friends He loves you a lot.
 - But i do not love him.This is not where i should be.Yara mumbled.

She asked for her mother to leave her alone with her thoughts while she was looking at the view in front of her huge window.
The next months were so bad for her.When Francis was trying to hug her,kiss her but she all the time tried to avoid it.She couldn't explain but her mind was telling her that she couldn't stand him.She felt disgust everytime he was trying ot be affectious with her.
The phone was ringing while she was looking on a book that it was told she was reading it.
-Miss Yara White?It's been some time.How are you?It is me,Kumiko san,but i guess you won't remember because your husband informed us about the accident and the fact that you have amnesia.a woman that had a weird accent in english was talking.
- I am ok.I guess.Okagesamade.The wods came uot from her moulth as she was talking.

- We feel really sorry that you do not want to continue with the project that we were glad to colaborate with miss White.
- Project?
 - Yes,you were teaching eanlgish at one of the best high schools in Seoul.You wanted to teach in here at Todai in Tokyo but we didn't had no free place and like this we sugested that place.

Suddenly her mind was flowded by small fragments of scenes that happened in Seoul:her teaching,students,one that was telling her something and smililng on the hallway.....

- Do you hate me so much White - Snow?It is really that wrong that i want to give up at everything and i want to chase my dream?
His smile,the blurry features..looked so famililar to her but hse couldn't see his face too well.
 - This is what my husband said?I want to go on with the project.
- Yes,this is what he said to us.That miss White would never come back to Korea and that you will start a new profesional life there in USA.

After finishing the conversation she started to wonder why the hell her so called husband wanted to  keep her away from Seoul,from teaching.Then another phone call came ,this time it was a younger women that had a shaked voice:
- Yara?I know i shouldn't say this but i cannot let them killing the memories you've got.The most beautiful ones like u used ot say.
 - Who are you?What do you wanna say with this?
- If your husband or your mother will know that i am calling and tell you this,i will be in trouble.They put me to trow away everything that you had.:pictures from Seoul,music that miss loved to listen,even the cell phone ....Jaewoon is in big trouble.He is the one you ...the young woman stoped,.... they will make you to forget about him.Be careful! I left secretly the mp4 that miss had in the closet that has your clothes,in a corner...look well in there ...but not today.Friday.ok?
- Wait!..How...before she could finish the sentence the woman closed the phone.

Trying to kill her memories?...What did she meant with that?
Yara pretended that she was ok and that nothing happened while her husband came and had dinner toghever.But her mind was thinking of the words of the woman that called earlier.

"A man ..a young man..on the roof of the high school building..was standing with the back,so she couldn't see his face,just that he was having brown hair and he was wearing a uniform.

 - I am going to accept everything because i cannot stand like you to be punished because of me.I will give up at school.If i could protect you,would you allow me to do it,Yara?Because you are like a dream....for me..
His voice was so familiar in the dream...the smile..the sad smlie he gave to her trying to hide his sadness was so gentle...

She woke up so suddenly..her body was shivering because of the dream she had but it looked more like a blurry memory than like a dream.

She had to discover her memories ,to discover the real her,the one that those 2 people she was in contact with since she came from the hospital was trying so well to hide from her.
What she did was something horrible that they wanted ot forget and make her to forget as well?

© Copyright 2020 Tashima Kim Youna. All rights reserved.

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