One Week War

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why is there a war? can the 13 year old Ichigo win and be the president of Pluto? you've gotta to find out!

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




Now it is the metal age. Ichigo is the president of the metal age. She is only thirteen, but she is the president. She is strong and she has a lot of might. Her hair and eyes are pink and she is very beautiful, but she likes to fight. Her grandmother is the expresident of the city of Zimbaktoo. Ichigo’s grandmother made Ichigo the president of the metal age. Ichigo is really intelligent and many men fear to fight with her. She is adored by everyone. Ichigo’s grandmother’s name is Hana.

Ichigo lives in Zimbaktoo, this country is in the continent of Glueo, in Pluto. Zimbaktoo has no trees, but is filled with buildings. The city is surrounded with metal. Ichigo’s grandmother, Hana, found the city, and named it Zimbaktoo. Back then, she used to live on earth, for the pollution, she came to Pluto. Slowly, by time, Pluto started to have seas, oceans, continents and even an atmosphere! Some people moved from earth to Pluto. Hana brought her whole family, her daughter, granddaughter and her son.

By the time Hana ruled, her granddaughter, Ichigo grew older. Then Hana made her the president of the metal age. Pluto and earth have the metal age.

Shana is the new president of Zimbaktoo. She has long red hair, and brown eyes, and she is really very cruel. She ruled over Zimbaktoo for 2 years, and people did not like her much. she was really bad-mannered, and she always punished people for no reason. She wanted everything to be perfect.

The people of Zimbaktoo wanted to do a protest on Shana with Ichigo, because of Shana’s cruelty . All of the people went to Ichigo’s house. At first, she did not understand why the people were all around her house. She listened carefully to the shouts of the people, and realized that the people wanted a protest meeting with her, in the city hall, in the corner of the city.

The day later, they had a conference meeting. After that Ichigo announced, “All people of Zimbaktoo, I made my decision in the meeting. We will all have a protest on Shana. Step up if you want to fight, IF there is a war,” many men stepped up. “Gather my troops, if will protest!”

So on, they marched up ahead to the main tower, with Ichigo leading the group. The tower was in the center of the city. It had a shape of a cylinder with a steep top. Shana lived there on the top floor.

All the people surrounded the tower, and the people were saying, “We want a protest. We want Ichigo to be president of Zimbaktoo. Shana will no longer be president of Zimbaktoo! Shana come out of the tower!”

Shana came out to the balcony of the tower, on the top floor and declared, “ all people of Zimbaktoo, if you want a protest, then we will have war, and whoever is the winner gets to be president. Is it fair?”

“Yes” agreed the people of Zimbaktoo.

The war started, many people fought, but not all. Shana was fighting but not Ichigo. She a had a brilliant plan, and waited for the last moment…

It was the sixth day of the war, Shana was winning. Ichigo came out with the rest of the people who did not fight. She fought, she had a metal boomerang shaped weapon which was like a sword but bigger and sharper. She showed no mercy, she fought and was winning. Shana surrendered after fighting Ichigo, she was too tired.

Ichigo won and there was a ceremony. She was e new president of Zimbaktoo. She was the president of Zimbaktoo and the metal age. She ruled for four years, and she wanted to have an election. The people in the city refused; they wanted Ichigo to be the president until Ichigo died.

She stayed as president and before she died, she chose a great person who would rule the city like Ichigo.

Wait a minute……. What happened to Shana and Hana? Shana was then a worker of the main tower, once she lived there, and then she works there! Hana stayed in the  main tower with Ichigo and helped her rule the city. 

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