A Letter to my Stepfather

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A letter to my Stepfather,a letter to him that I want to give him one day!

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



Dear Stepfather

It isn't easy for me to write this letter to you,I rather choose to keep quiet. I felt the need to write this. I hate you;I hate the ground you walk on. You are not a good person. You took my childhood away from me. You have been lazy, abusive and demanding.

You took the bond between me and my mother away;because of your jealousy. I sometimes wonder how a person like you can be on this earth. Can you remember how you used to beat my mother, the time when I felt hopeless because I couldn't defend her?

How can you live with yourself, knowing that my mother has to walk everyday and sell stuff to get money to feed you, buy your cigarettes? Do you maybe feel proud about everything you did? The pain and suffering you caused my family. I blame you for everything. The lies you told me, that everything will come right. Bring a child's hopes up for nothing.

I am grown up now, and I know someday I have to forgive you, but I don't think I will ever forgive you. I sometimes feel like choking you to death, but I know I will be just like you. You were suppose to protect me against the evil out in the world, instead you bring the evil in our life's. I was suppose to look up to you, but there was nothing to look up to.

If I take the amount of tears that my mother spilled over you, I would have had a sea of my own. She doesn't know what a good life is anymore; her daily life is depression, depression and depression. I was like that a long time because of you. But luckily I am over it and it made me a stronger person. My mother is the only one that is left that has to suffer under your evil ways. You cheat her out of a wonderful life.

I guess there is no point of hoping a better life for my mother, she chooses you over her happiness, and that makes me angry, angry at you. One day when you decided to wake up, give my mother what she deserves, HAPPYNESS, RESPECT AND LOVE.


Your Stepdaughter

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