A Taste of India

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The forbidden love between a sausage roll and a naan bread.

Submitted: May 07, 2015

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Submitted: May 07, 2015



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Once upon a time there was a very feisty, strong willed, and independent girl from India named Naan.  She always liked exploring, traveling, learning and thinking for herself.  Naan felt she was trapped in Indian culture and customs.  Naan always dreamed about escaping and having her own life.  


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But….Naan’s parents had other plans for her.  Like most Indian girls Naan should have been married off by now.  One day they informed her they had arranged for her to marry her cousin.“We have gone through different CV’s for husbands for you and decided Raj, your cousin, will be your best fit.  This is also a plus because we can keep our assets in the family.”“But I don’t love him.  I want to be free in my choices”.


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Naan’s parents found a great compromise for her.  You may go study abroad for 2 years but after the 2 years you must come back and get married.

Naan was happy her parents were starting to open up but she knew she may never come back.  She spent the whole night researching universities all over the world and decided Australia suited her best. 


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Rolls was a typical Aussie bloke, he loved AFL, Miranda Kerr and beer.  He was living with his single  father. Rolls didn’t have a job except for occasional life guarding during the summer.  


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One day his dad gave him an ultimatum.  “Ok Pal it’s about time you do something with your life.  You can’t just stay on this sofa rotting away in front of the telly.  You either get a good job or go to University.” Rolls remembered the day he worked as a tradie with his uncle and decided University would be his best bet, tradie work was dirty and hard.


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Although he didn’t get very good marks in high school he associated university with parties and girls.  That night he enrolled at University.


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The first day of class at the University Naan was walking into her building for class when Rolls, who was running late, ran right into her.  Naan looked down shyly and said “Sorry”.  Rolls replied “No worries mate” he then looked at her bindi, “What the bloody hell is this?” as he pulled it off her forehead and put it on his nose.”  Offended Naan walked away immediately.  Little did she know he was in her first class.


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Later on Naan was shocked to find that rude boy “Rolls” in her class.  Even worse they would be assigned to work together for a class project.  As Naan could not protest she decided to try and make the best of it.  She agreed to meet Rolls for lunch.

Rolls was excited to work with that unique girl with the strange dot on her forehead.  He found her extremely pretty and mysterious.  Rolls was thrilled she agreed to meet him for lunch. He decided to take her to the best steak house ever!

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Naan was disappointed to find out he invited her to a steak house.  She was a vegetarian and was disgusted.  Why did he just assume she eats meat?

Rolls- “You’re going to love this.  It’s the best steaks in town!”

Naan-“I won’t love this, I don’t eat the flesh of Gods’ creatures. “

Rolls (shocked) “So you’ve never had a hamburger in your life?”

Naan-“No, and I don’t intend to.”

Rolls- “Well I’m sorry mate.  I didn’t realise.”

Naan-“You need to learn about India.”

Rolls-“So do people in India eat vegan food?  Because there’s a vegan place next door.”  

Naan-“Yes, that will do.”

Rolls-“Thank Shiva!  That’s the dude with arms right?? “

Naan-(rolls her eyes) “No…”

She surprisingly enjoyed her lunch with this crazy Australian guy.  He sure wasn’t like the guys back home. 


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A few days later Naan received a text from Rolls inviting her to his house for a party.  Naan excitedly agreed. 


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 She carefully prepared for the house party.  Thinking Roll’s parents should be there she wanted to make a good impression.  She cooked her specialty, curry lentils, to bring and dressed in her best Saree. 


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When Naan showed up at Rolls’ house she stood frozen.  This is not the party she expected.  There were no parents or food.  Just drunk people, loud music and cluttered with empty bottles and cigarettes.  Girls half naked were dancing on the tables.  Naan had never felt so out of place.  The party goers looked at her like she was a clown and laughed.  Naan turned to leave but Rolls stumbled over to Naan and put his arm around her.  Naan then decided she might as well make the best of it.

Rolls approached Naan-“Welcome, enjoy the party have some special punch.”  

Naan-“What’s in it?”

Rolls-“Don’t worry, it’s Vegetarian”


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The next morning Naan woke up with a terrible headache and rushed to the toilet to spew.  She was scared and confused and didn't understand what was happening.  She had never drank before and didn't realise the juice was alcoholic as it was so sweet.


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 She didn't remember anything. She signed on her Facebook and was horrified to see pictures of what happened the night before. Naan felt like she was being punished by the Gods.  My parents were right I shouldn't be here. Our cultures are too different.  I will never fit in.  That night she booked her ticket home.


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Rolls woke up from his hangover with a farewell text from Naan. He was devastated. 


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Naan was about to walk out the door to the airport when the doorbell rang.  Rolls was standing outside with flowers and chocolate. Naan was surprised and asked “What are you doing here?”  Rolls replied “You can’t leave!” Naan “And why not?” Rolls “Because  I love you.”


The End


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