He wrote a world for her

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
She is perfect ,beautiful .everything .Though that is a lie

Submitted: July 05, 2010

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Submitted: July 05, 2010



She wore the sun in a braid on her back

While he wore the moons shadows

Beneath his eyes

They were no Romeo & Juilet

They never knew each other

And never will

She was rode the sky-lift

Up and up

She was beyond happy

It seemed she would carry on

Continue to be lifted

Higher and Higher

Until she hit heaven

For misfortune was not a word she knew


Boys and Girls loved her

Everyone did

A plumment from the heights

Would not go un-noticed

Or without a hand to raise her back up

But she never fell

Sleep was a memory

Insomina was a reality

He wrote when the

Breathing was slow

When dreams were gifted

Writting was his way of escape

For sleep was a present

That santa never gave

He wrote of a girl

With the sun in her hair

Who new no bad days

Or days of sickness

Who's tradgeys were shared with everyone

For they reigned in TV land

She was not weird or a freak

Angry or seeking death

She was perfect

A child of the sun

He never knew her

Nor she him

The girl with the features of old hollywood

Was only known in words

Though she had secrets

That could not be exposed

In crude blue ink

They instead became the bee that plagued him

One that would never go away

But could not be touced

For fear of pain

She stared out from

Her high house

Safe in the clouds

And saw the sins at play

"How can they anger father so? "

She says to silence

There would be no reply

So her own thought's buzzed to work

"I have the sun warming me always,

While their days are cold and dark "

Sin is their sun

He paints her

In unatural light

For she is unatural

And no days light could portray her correctly

Shadows grow like children do

Under eyes that harbour blood

Sleep is a almost unreconisable word

It is imposible

For he must spend hours with his beauty

She has replaced real life

Paint is no mind-reader

It can not release her secrets

On the page

She is a bud half opened

One half in bloom

The other just waiting to be born

She is a mystery to him

For the world she lives in

Is one he has made

He saw her

Passing by

Just another walker

On the pathway

Hair in a braid

Upon her back

A red dress


And killer heels

Upon her feet

She was perfect

Everyone loved her

See those boys and girls

In the stalled cars

Offer green

Just to see her

She is so beautiful

But of her secret

He can not speak

She wore the sun

In her braided hair

While he wore the moons

Shadows beneath his eyes

They were no Romeo & Juilet

They never knew each other

And they never will

© Copyright 2020 tastetheblood. All rights reserved.

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