I Crawl Through This Life

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Some live there lives so fast

Submitted: August 07, 2011

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Submitted: August 07, 2011



Like a caterpillar

Slowly dragging its many feet

Like a never ending traffic line

I make my way slowly through life

Unlike the others who live

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Speeding through every moment

I walk slowly through the many


Some murky

Others flooded with light


Every moment is a time to savour

Every day a new experience

A first kiss

A first love

The miracle of just being with someone

So close

Without fear

Every day comes with these

To speed through life

A race car on the track

Would be a tragedy


Under the trees

Who hang their heads low

Long shadows crawl so very slow

Like the lives

Of the lovers who are lost

In each other



Time is slow for them

Though soon they too will

Be caught

And be transformed by time

Hairs greying

Faces falling towards the floor

But they will be grateful

For they unravelled so very slow

Unlike those

Who fall from the spool so quickly

Forgetting special moments as they go


I am traffic caught on the bridge

Watching cyclists speed on by

They head for god so quickly

I unpack my bags and camp out for a while

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