Monsters Only Kiss

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The only way to remove her from his side will cause tragdey .But it is the only way to save her fron himself

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



In the darkness

I stalk my shadow

(My bad deeds)

Down the familiar corridors

Of my estate


But everything

Shines back so hostile

These chairs and ornaments

All waiting to take me down

In the boxing ring

As they glow

In the moons rays

And all stare

Suspecting, somehow

The deed I am about to do


Society is so ugly

And yet to them I make my amends

For what’s to come

As well as my self


They are dirty pigs

(These paparazzi)

Snuffling amongst the muck

For truffles

(Expensive stories about me)

“That girl won’t be the last “

They sneer


So in darkness

I try to make my amends

For what’s to come

Though it is a plague

On me

And the media

Will be pleasured

For they only love the scum

And happiness

That is suffocated in



In her bedroom

She lies

Her form amongst the covers

Hair a glowing halo

Dazzling over

The pillow

At her head

Normally I’d be there

A lustful monster

Wearing the costume

And trying to hold the role




I know

However that

All angels must return to father

So that’s my new calling


I left her

Amongst the sheets

While I

Pondered my forthcoming sin

One that will tear her from me

In a way that words

Cannot do


She will not leave


These stitches she sew

Binding her to me

Are to strong

So I must end this

Break the chain

Before another sin is committed

On my part


I’ll commit

Another mortal sin

For just a minute

It doesn’t matter

My souls so stained

In filth

That the gate keeper would just laugh

And send me straight down



In darkness

Distorted by the moon

I kiss her head

With the barrel of my gun

Its loving pressure

Will bring her home

A life released

Not stolen


Its bang

Will be a firework

Glorious and fiery

Shot up in the sky

Shape shifting into

Moons and stars of

Luminous glow

As she makes her passage

Under the invisible wings

Of those who call her home


In the fountain ink


I huddle

Glancing at the mess

I’ve made

A dead angel

Eyes no-longer filled with love

Love that brought me to my knees

Love that could never be Eros

So here she lies

A temptation

An angel now far above



The one who I was blessed to know


Lies dead

Sarah a devoted teacher

Of patience and care


Now I place the pall

Over sick,dead flesh

So unlike hers

This glowed

Even on dark days


Oh Sarah

Dragged out

Like garbage

To the place

To be her

Her final resting place

How I can feel my own hell dogs nipping

And waiting

To rip and tear me

Sending my body


Down to hell

Though my soul stays above

So I can watch her

Through my concrete eyes


I’ve become one of them

The fallen

From Hell

Those who were loved so much

They cannot burn


The concrete angels

Able to watch the dead make there passage

To spring life

And beyond

If we allow that

Sickening, branding pain

This pain

That we can not share

Even with those

Who understand

Like her

The one

Who dressed me

In constricting concrete

Instead of

Cloaks of cremating

Blue Flame

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