Pretty Bubble Head

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Been working on this one for a while .

The society we are living in only calls for beauty .
Why not make a pill to make everyone beautiful inside and out ?

"A pill to make you numb ,A pill to make you dumb,A pill to make you anybody else .But all the drugs in this world won't save her from herself "-Coma White -Marilyn Manson

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



 I am the last on the bus

The others dropped of long ago

Only me and the greasy haired driver


 Though soon he to

Will drive back to perfection


Like the perfect

My destiny is written

Though unlike them

It is not some non-stop glamour show

It is expected that I

Will be dropped off

On some long empty road

That goes off into the unknown

My destiny states that

I am expected to rot

Like the sewage that surely covers the place

I will soon find myself


Like their rubbish they tossed me away

I did not fit their bill of



They confined me to a psyceatric  home

Forced their ‘perfect’ pills on me

Pink pills

Pushed down by a white coat


It was during these torture sessions

That you caught my eye

A stranger

A normal in this drug fuelled place

You gave me a look of distain

As a let them take me

To the perfect place

Like the others

The place where we all fly


I’m a bubble-head

A doll


But drained of all but staple colours

Emotions other than happy and

Actual logical thought

You kissed me in this state once

With lips painted purple

And eyes rimmed in black

Instead of crying out in horror

You were free to do all with me

I wouldn’t have refused

Instead you said

In a way that made me weak

Run from this hell hole

There is a place for us freaks


I was there once

Until they too took me


You became master then

Though not master of love

For to them

A perfect women is a slave

A man’s lust is hers to please

Though you

Master in a rebels coat

Refuse to meet their orders


You told me to run

But without you

I am a lost bubblehead

You need to be there to tell me the way

But you’re purple lips never uttered the words

All you said was

If you need to run

You will find your own way


I’m the last on the bus

To nowhere

Of to some place

Off the map

A place where ‘freaks’

Can be dumped and forgotten

The place where those they have given up on go



You are the watcher

(I suppose)

You are a normal

Amongst this place of drug haze

You watched when they did this

Giving them a look of disgust

And me as I took each pill down

A pink pill of perfection

A drug to clone them all

To rule out creativity

All oddities

Everything that makes someone them


I swallowed every damn pretty pill

Flew to every cloud

Was among them

And I found your lap every time

I was drawn to you

Even through the cloud of perfection

And they knew something was wrong


I’m the last on the bus

A failed experiment

On the way to be disposed of

Amongst the other human waste

The pills did not take the effect they intended

They did not rot away the tissue they wished

I still loved the freak

So off I go on this dump truck that is a bus

To the end of the world


Your red nails met mine

Held tight

And you purple lips painted a kiss on my scrubbed face

Be yourself you whispered

Hide the pink pills under your tongue

Don’t fly

Pretty can be ugly

So is perfection


A sane face in the crazy show

Like taking advice from a former undercover

You never no

But it’s the best I can do

Though the pills still slipped right in

I flew

A pretty bird obilous to it all

Though the crows and bald eagles

Were the ones I wished to follow

The freaks


So I am on the bus to nowhere

A failed prodigy to future perfection

They’ll dump me somewhere far of the map

Maybe other freaks will still live there

And we are not put down like cows

Maybe I will find the place

You spoke of

Though a bullet is more likely

I am sure



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