Rags and Bones

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He's fallen into drugs and nothingness and knows that he will not be able to get out

Submitted: September 12, 2010

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Submitted: September 12, 2010



I am no saint baby
Watch me deteriorate
Thinks you’ve got problems baby?
Well I think I own the worlds
I haven’t smiled since Christmas
But trust me that was a mask
The death wishes were already piling up
The drugs calling my name
I’m no saint baby
That names a lie
Call me rags and bones and
Try not to cry
As this violin string
Is a doorman
To my arms
You knew this would happen
Though you believed it not to be true
What your friends told you
Was pure speculation, lies
Press talk
I was different you said
A candle among the deadheads
Someone with a brain
More inside then shouts for death or
The want to tear up god
Now you see
They were right darling
Sorry you were wrong
They call me rags and bones
These monsters in girl masks
For to them that’s all I am
They’ll steal my jacket and
Brag to their girlfriend about whose bones they’ve ‘done’
To these monster girls,
It makes no difference
That I am raw from love with needles
Or that alcohol is all that I want to kiss my lips
No they don’t care
To them I a immobile contract
To fame
A key to their own show
They suck and bite all they can from me
Before vomiting it into a story
To sell to “Women’s Day”
I’m back in rehab
Before I am able to clear my name
Though you can’t clean mud
I am no saint baby
Haven’t you read the columns?
“He had all these women up in his room!”
“He found me, said “Wanna be happy”?
I’m rags and bones baby
Nothing more
I’m something cheap in a hotel room
Something plastic and blown up
I’m lost
Got nothing alive in me anymore
Masked monsters
Come take all you can from me
While it’s free
I’m like a number you call from
Adult entertainment
Something twisted and nasty
Come get me before rehab comes
(Or sanity)
Come play with me while I’m a toy
Don’t waste this chance with me.
I’m sorry baby
Sprint right out that door
Call me rags and bones and
Hope to never see me anymore

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