We fight again old enemy

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I have recently found out that I probably have ocd,this is not the kind that we here about often however it is the kind that plagues you with horrible thoughts that you cannot stop.This is my poem talking about trying to fight these cruel thoughts .

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



We fight again old enemy

Though not with swords

Or guns nor muskets

No we fight with the mind

One dark angel on one side

The other white

Arm wrestling

To end the plight of thoughts

That threatens to take over


A dark cloud came the day

When a beautiful woman died

It rained its poison

Across the minds lands

And that suffocated and poisoned all the good

And the bad thoughts came

A great army

Lead by the dark angel

Raping and pillaging through the land

White and her army tried to hold the hordes back

But from everywhere they came

From every part of the subconscious

Walked the bad thoughts

Though the hordes seemed to decimate

Killing of good

Whites army seemed to fight on

Refusing to give in to anything

The bombardment of bad can not crush her

Nor can the dark angels fist

As the arm wrestling match reaches

Ultimate intensity

She will fight on

For a happier subconscious

Though sometimes reinforcements

Must also be sent in

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