Windfallen Fruit

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The storms blew them from the tree ,battered and bruised they cling to each other ,for no-one else understands

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



Windfallen fruit they were

Damaged creatures

Bruised from many storms

Like fruit their injuries

May shine on the outside

But continue to sting deeper down

An internal bruise

One that may never truely heal


Like the damaged

They are drawn to each other

Familar in their pains

Two battered peaches lying in the fruit bowl

Long after all others have gone


Oh they try to see the beauty in other people

But they can not sit in the cruel comfort of others

Who can only pretend to understand

Giving only false smiles

And hugs that do not touch beyond the skin

Every other face is a stranger

A cardboard card out


Not capable of providing the comfort

They crave


When the dark storm


She prayed he would be there

Smiling and laughing

Through the acid rain

But he was else where

And she was lost in a crowd of false smiles

When all she wanted to do was

Hide away and cry

With him


Windfallen fruit

The damaged clung to each other

Bruised and battered from the injustice of the world

Sometimes their smiles feel like razors

But they hold onto them

Trying to prove to someone

That they are all right

Though their bruises go so far up inside

To be fixed

With plasters


Or stitches


They believe

That no-one

Will take the bruised

So they lie forever together

To peaches


And the last in the

Fruit bowl



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