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Society can see death in many ways .For those in misery it can seem like the only way out.

Submitted: December 05, 2008

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Submitted: December 05, 2008



You are death
The very essence
A dark bottomless pit of despair
The radiance
The toile
You are heartbreak
Desertion and pain
A god of small cuts
Bruises and split veins
Of throbbing temples
And deep gunshot wounds
The merciful god of
The broken the lost and desperate
The beggars and lonesome
Who choose to sit
In a vat of their own misery
Waiting for heavens bells to ring
You are abuse
Thoughtless and bleak
Seen and unseen
Lost and found
Alcohol and pointless rages
Aimed at no one but yourself
You are
Walls filled with memories
Of those before
Who do not remember
Neither do they speak
You are the devil
Trident raised to the sky
Red tail flickering
Filling you with evil thoughts
You are war
Death and guns
Gas and barbed wire
Where a good Tommy is hung
You are his hand
Pointing to the sky
Where the black crow flies
Passing his dread along
You are disease
Cancer and tremor
Bitter and infectious
You are pure evil
The worst kind
Psycho and serial killer
Mad men and drugs
You are my death
My final screams
Of blood murder
The poring of the rain
Runs through
Words written in blood

Someone save me ! 

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