Listen Up.

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Apparently we aren't on the same page.

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Chris you are my entire world...and I love you more than I have loved anyone in my entire life.

But there are some things you said tonight that make me feel like you aren't being completely honest with me.

We were having a perfectly normal conversation...and out of no where you blow up on me.

First off we had a talk about controlling who we hang out with...all of a sudden I can't hangout with my friend Vincent, because you think he's dangerous? he's not, he's been a friend since highschool...and yeah he's weird but he's cool. He'd never hurt me. I appreciate how protective you are but that was beyond protective. You were getting mad at me threatening not to talk to me if I hangout with him. what kind of shit is that? you have no real reason not to like him.

I really don't like your friend Cody...and you know exactly why I dislike him so much. Because he got into our business where he did not belong. He said all kinds of shit to me and you just let him. All that shit hurt me, I was supossed to be the girl you loved, whether we were together or not. And you just let him talk all kinds of shit and then answer your phone when i needed to talk to you and refuse to let me. You claim he was protecting you, from what? yourself? I wasn't doing anything to hurt you...we agreed to be friends, we were having a normal conversation and bam he sends a nast message to me. It was uncalled for and I fucking hate him. He's an asshole. But im not going to ignore you just because you hangout with him.

And then you go off about my friend Dannie and how is pisses you off that she calls me her wife. Ok that will no longer be an issue. I had no idea it bothered you, it was never a big deal to me....i understand now and I'm sorry about all that.

But you told me it makes you reconsider

Are you fucking kidding me right now? reconsider? Don't act like you're the mature one of us and im just stupid.

You have things you need to work on in order to make this relationship less stressful. like your drinking. we only argue when you drink. EVERY SINGLE TIME. you know it's an issue. fix it.

I haven't done anything wrong. but you seem to have all these built up angry and hurt feelings directed at me. I know we have stuff to work on together and I have things I need to make up for. But this can not keep happening Chris. I am not a punching bag for your built up anger. I am your girlfriend..your future wife, I'm your everything and I don't want to have to constantly defend myself.

If something bothers you we can talk about it. When youre sober.

Get your shit together. And don't ever threaten your stance in our relationship again.

You claim to be the one who knows what they want. This isn't a joke, it's not something you can just take away again. for the third time. Breaking up or "reconsidering" isnt an option. I'lll fucking kill you if you even think about it. Youre stuck with me. Deal with it.

.....I feel better now. Call me after you read this.

Even though I'm mad...I love you.


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