You've Changed

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Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012





With the feelings you've changed, we'll never be the same.

What I had for you was beyond comparison, but now I've opened my eyes, and seen all the lies, you can kiss what we had goodbye.

I'm gone for good, you can reminisce you're days away, you should of stayed the same.

You used to be so much more, now you're just a whore.

You joined the wrong crowd, they've changed you, filled your head with drugs instead, now the lies pour out.

I soaked them up as long as I could, insisting it isn't the real you.

Thought I knew you better than anyone, you proved me wrong, this is you, the lies from your mouth like a faucet consistently dripping.

The way I felt about you on that rock will never change, but you'll just never be the same.

You hypocrite you, you've picked your friends over me, and now you're stuck with the result from their assault.

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