The Beautiful Pond

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An unusual experience for a girl named Jane.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* Jane thrusts up from her bed and smacks the alarm clock. All sweaty, she pinches her night gown off her skin. She looks around, and nothing catches her attention until she glances out the window and sees that the sun is about to rise. The trees stand stripped of their leafs. The sky is full of dark moving clouds and a crow caws until he spreads his wings and flies away. In winter, everything beautiful seems to disappear in time. Everything except the frozen pond. 


When Jane was little, her mother would take her there and they would ice skate together before she died. Only bliss memories surface her thoughts when she thinks of the pond. Jane puts her silky beige robe on, and looks out the window contemplating. Her thoughts are interrupted when she spots someone ice skating on the surface of ice. She can't make out her face, but all the woman does is beautifully make her way around the ice. Her brown wavy hair following her with every spin she makes and her laughter sounds like it's the happiest moment of her life. Hypnotized by the view, Jane makes her way out the front door and places her bear feet on the snow, unaffected by the coldness. As she walks to the sight, the women looks very much like her mother. That can't be my mother, she's dead. I must still be dreaming.


"Jane! Come skate with me!" yells the woman as she happily makes her way around the ice closest to Jane.


"You can't be real. W-What is this? You're dead," she says confused. The woman looks just like her mother. Every detail that makes up her mother. Her brown eyes, and beaming smile. Her way of moving and the warm look she gives you. It's really her... I've missed you mother!


"Silly girl, just come here!" says her mother as she reaches out her hands in a warmth and laughs. Jane takes her hands and walks on the large surface of ice. Her mothers hands were warm and every blissful memory with her mother that she can think of flashes through her head. A feeling of relief and happiness surfaces her emotions and all she does is follow her mother crying and laughing. Suddenly, she hears a grumbling sound, and her smile fades away. Everything around her shakes, and her mother stands with her back facing Jane. 


"Mother? What's going on?" says a confused Jane. Her mother turns around and gives her a full smile before her mouth opens 5 times the size it is, and more than a couple of dozen long and large sharp teeth are revealed. Her arms extend and her nails grow pointier and sharper. She rips her clothes off and her stomach has a little bulge that is transparent. In her stomach remains a smaller version of herself and the eyes of it are closed. 


When Jane attempts to run away, the beast makes a loud screeching sound, and the baby beast opens its eyes to show a deep red. The baby beast's head twists around once, and sets its eyes on Jane. Jane steps back, and feels the sting in her almost frozen feet. The baby beast thrusts out if its mother's stomach and using the help of its pointing wings, makes a screeching noise that isn't as powerful as its mother's. The mother beast points at Jane, and the baby beast makes another sound before speeding towards a frantic and running Jane. The baby beast plunges its pointy tail in Jane's back and carries her away, all the while leaving a path of her dripping blood. *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* Jane thrusts up from her bed and smacks the alarm clock. She touches her stomach and no blood is visible.

"Oh, good. It was just a damn dream," she says and sigs in relief. 

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