The Truth Does Not Exist?

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My thoughts on things that happen today in America.

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



What's wrong with America? Where can I start...


You have war, but you cry when your own families get killed. Do you know how many lives you take? When you close your eyes and go sleep?


You teach you children to cherish animals, but here you are killing, torturing, terrorizing, using and experimenting on them. For what? What would your children say if they ever saw them like that?


You tell people to help children in Africa. Feed them. Donate money. "They need your help". Meanwhile you sit there reviewing your million dollar commercial.


You scream freedom, "You have your rights", but you limit everything. Is that really freedom? 


You say "Peace", but how many silent cries are you aware of? How many graves did you have to dig this year? 


Are you sure you're showing your kids the right thing? "Stand up for what you believe in,". Then why do you tell me to not fight for it? Too dangerous? Too risky? I shouldn't care? I shouldn't be concerned? 


Are you sure it's okay to hide your dirty truth from those who deserve to know the truth?


Are you sure it's okay to tell victims what not to do, but not tell the criminals what not to do?


Are you sure your priests are practicing what they're preaching?


Are you sure its okay to let government tell people who to love?


Why is it your country's business who you marry? What difference does loving the same gender cause?


Why do you allow your children to point out the flaws of others? You can't teach them better?


Why do you think it's okay to pick on the weak? Those you can't defend themselves? Does it make you feel so powerful?


Do you know that the kid you just made fun of cries when he gets home? Or what that girl you called ugly names to goes through?


Do you know that you could have helped that girl, and not driven her to her grave?


Why is a kid who isn't as smart as you so different? Is he from a different planet?


That kid with autism, you're judging because of something he didn't choose to have?


Is that kid with down syndrome mean? Is he hurting you? He's not giving you a smile? He's not trying to be friendly? Is he killing you? Is he doing things worse than what society does?


Is that Bible, Torah, and everything else really teaching you be a good person? No judging? No discriminating? No violence? Teaches you how to be an individual? 


How can you look an animal in the eye, and still be able to hurt them? Those innocent eyes.


How can you look into a child's eyes and steal their soul?


How can you plan out your murder and not think of the pain you'll cause? Or the horror? The change you'll make?


How can you look at someone and know that you'll be that person that takes their beautiful smile away?


How can you look at your country when you're giving a speech, and not feel guilty? The families that lose their husbands, wives, dads, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. Do you feel no remorse? 


Do you know you are a murderer? You killed them. You lead them to their graves. 


How can you look at your earth and say "How beautiful," then throw your gum rapper on the ground.


How can you not feel guilty when you know you are destroying someone's living space? But you would fight like no tomorrow if it was your living space.


How can you worry about your safety when you know you are the cause of someone else's danger?


How can you look at your farm animals and not feel ashamed when you kill them like they don't have souls. Or that they don't cry? Or they don't experience that terror you cause them? Or like they don't fear?


How can you look at a problem and close your eyes knowing you can change it? Because if it was YOU, you would be willing to do anything. But now that you're safe and sound, money in your pocket, roof over your head, food in your fridge, and your family is at home not being used as experiments.. you're content.


Suddenly all those serious issues don't exist. It's not happening to you, so it's okay. Right? When did it become easier to shut your eyes and turn away from the truth than to actually do something about it? 


You say you will and want to, but you never do. 


You don't even see what's right in front of you. 

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