The Heartbreak

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Recentaly I had my first heartbreak, and when I did I noticed I had pen and paper on my bedroom floor as I picked it up I started writing.

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



"The Heartbreak"

One random 12th on a relaxing September afternoon was a day everything changed for a young lady. She had met her death solemate, she loved him instantly but was a high creative thinker when it came to relationships. She was the type tp be extra cautious, at the same time she was in-love with the idea of love.

About two years of her life she spent it with a bestfriend, a satan, such a mysterious guy who she cryed oevr for many reasons. Falling in love with this person, she didn't know it would come to an excrutiating death trap of pain. Even after ripping their colorless relationship apart weeks before she knew it was the best thing in the world so she could keep their friendship out of the fire. He ment so much to her that she would give everything up for him to make sure he was happy and when he was blowing his brains out, she would make sure he had medicine and enough soup. Although she lived miles away from him. Giving him love, support, advice and so much more, she didn't feel like it was enough.

All of a sudden, one happy but dull 20th March day she was sick, depressed and the evil satan poured the glowing angel into a burning hot pan of fire and turned her into the devil. Him not realizing that his lies, jokes and torches would turn on him, he finally eperienced a real bitch with such a painful heartbreak. Knowing he would get such bad karma from an angel, is twice as horrible. She crys inside and out, luckily at her work she didn't show, but the complete opposite to what her dear friends saw her as.

Realizing, she layed back and knewshe loved this little boy, but at the eact same time she wanted to grasp his insides and strangle him with his own plans of hot evil tools. Being a devil and an angel, either way she needed help and had to listen to her head this time. Thinking of her future, or her love life was about even at this point. Shedding tears for hours a day, cuddled up with God's arms around her and listening to the sweet sounds of angels voices.

Her last day as the devil, she thought everything through and talked to her death solemate one last time. And knowing she disearved every little bit of the fire. But as she starred at her paper and pencil, I began writing this brief  story about my strong feelings  and named this piece "The Heartbreak".


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