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Dear beautiful

I love you.

Like the sky is to heaven my heart is to you.

Like the moon is full I'm over filled with you.

Birds swore high like me on cloud nine.

A night with you is a lifetime in forever.

We leave the pages of this book soaked with passion and wrinkled with play.

Red pen scratches out our past and vibrant colors write our now.

With the foot steps in the sand comes with waves to wash them away as to ensure we don't re walk our fall throughs.

The sun peaking over the mountains to the morning sky is the stars twinkling on a warm summer night.

Your hand in mine walking the steps to the sky is how we find our forever.

But is there really such thing.

Wholly is my body when you touch me.

Frozen is time when u kiss me.

Backwards the world spins when we spinning and flipping in bed.

Our shadows create a sonnet upon the wall.

You speak to me in haikus so beautifully and so foreign.

How you walk is like a dance I'm in a trance i cant move.

How i am to you is how da vinci is to the code no one will know.

Through time they race to make me forget your face but we paced to make it to this point of no end.

I drown in the ocean of lust to reach the shore of love I'm in awe of it all.

took me from hell to the highest point to be reached.

A soul so cold thawed my a touch heated by a million suns.

A heart as cold as 27 winters warmed by a body so hot it sweats creating this puddle of love left in my bed my body my soul commits to make you sing out to me with the most deceptive cadence known to man.

The ears of the blind can hear the eyes of the deaf can see.

That it is you with me where beaut meets the tee.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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