Just writing.

Feel like if a stranger came and asked me for my story itll make history. If one random person came and said ill listen. They might have the words ive been missing. The ones who say they here for me. Probably never really hear from me. Silent tears run off of me. But never have thoughts before they hit my shirt. If it not been for god id doubt my real worth. I cry but never really know why. That cup i fill up over flowing inside. If a stranger came and said talk to me. Ill leave it all in them. If a random person said im here for you. Ill probably end up leaning on them. But when one i know says ill listen to you. I usually end up leaving them. I doubt my worth to them. But its all good long as i stay loving them. Ill cling solely to my pen. Ill write until i feel a lift off my chest. And when they ask whats wrong i feel a burden on my chest. Its not that i cant tell i just dont know where im supposed to start. If u really wanna listen sit down this might get long. If a stranger came and said hold me. Ill probably fall and get lost in their soul. If a random person came and said i got a hug for you. Id probably melt into a puddle at their feet. If i was to ask one i knew to just love me. It be like askin me not to love you. Both of which is impossible to do. If i sit and just keep writing maybe something will start feeling right. Instead of layin in my bed cryin for a reason i think only god really knows. My only fear is the fear of the thoughts that come when i am alone.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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