As we lay here and time passes by you rub on my body and i loose my mind.

I'm having a relapse of the worst kind.

Your a bad drug i know this but yet i abuse it all the time.

Like a needle u penetrate my veins injecting me with lies.

My blood would run cold but your the coke to reheat and revive.

I'm in dying pain and your my codeine.

I pop one pop two until i can almost forget you

and when i feel I'm through i have another urge to come and use you.

My heart is beating heavy and my hands are shaking.

My knees feel weak i think I'm OD ing.

Over dosed from the lust not love.

I'm addicted to your touch imma fiend for your sex.

And after we done playing in bed on my chest is your head.

And i begin to think think i think deep.

Caressing your face so soft and through your soul i fall.

Only to meet spikes at the end.

Your body is so tantalizing I'm hypnotized how you sway back and forth when u go up and down.

Tattoos all over the frame I'm ashamed cause ill never speak to anyone your name.

Nor mine from you.

I guess this is what we do.

At the end of night ill leave with a kiss on your forehand so you'll remember me.

But i am not yours i am hers.

And as so she she will never know nor have to endure the pain of this late night creep.

Of this drug infecting me.

No amount of help can help.

I say i quit but i know ill be back the next day.

To meet with my dealer in apt 34.

Where she will sell me into my ecstasy.


Submitted: January 02, 2012

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