Facing Reality

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It's gonna be different,

Submitted: January 13, 2009

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Submitted: January 13, 2009



It's gonna be different,

It's gonna be better,

Good bye to the highschool days,

Hello to the college days,

Time to get away, start over and make new friends,

Simple it seems,

Why am I still standing on the outside,

Why am I so afraid to join in,

Is it due to the past and the fear of rejection,

Is it because everyone is so much older,

What else could it be,

Is it the lack of trust I instill in people,

You tell me to just smile and say hi to everyone,

You tell me to be more outgoing and into everything,

You know I'm not that type of person,

You know I'm a nice person,

You tell me its because I don't like myself very much,

No, really, what ever gave you that idea,

The discussion turns to guys, and you asking about me finding one,

I tell you that I'm not ready for relationships yet,

That I could stay single forever,

You tell me its because I don't thinkof myself as attractive,

Right again, but you know I'm not either,

Why do you have to torment me about these things,

I know you are trying to give me a push,

I know that you have your reasons,

You tell me you just want me to face the truth,

Just because I don't go right out and say my reasonings,

My way of dealing is different than yours,

I joke around about it and say I don't care,

I face my realities the same way you do,

I just don't verbalize them,

I don't like letting people into the personal side of things,

That's when all the problems begin,

You see, I'm not a flirt the way most girls are,

I'm just me,

I don't get a "high" when a guy pays attention to me,

Instead I wonder why they are sitting there,

Was it a dare, or do they actually care,

Are they just there because of nothing better to do,

I'm not a pitty-me girl,

I don't really care what you think of me,

I don't care if I'm the butt of jokes,

I don't care that I'm not perfect,

After all, I am just me,

I don't want people feeling sorry for me,

I really don't want to be a burden to anyone,

I'm a burden enough to myself,

I need to know me first.

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