Little Brother

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Little Brother,

I remember that day so clearly,

Submitted: January 15, 2009

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Submitted: January 15, 2009



Little Brother,

I remember that day so clearly,

It was Friday, Graduation was Sunday,

I picked you up from the bus stop,

The moment I saw you coming, I could tell something was seriously wrong,

When I asked, you told me it was nothing,

I knew better, so I asked again,

You told me without shedding a tear that you just found out that you wouldn't be able to walk in graduation,

When I heard, I wanted to cry, I wanted to beat the pricipal's  door down, and demand answers,

We tried everything to get you to be able to walk, but they said they had to set an example,

Set an example, they must like you, it seems they are always using you as an example.

I never take the time to tell you how PROUD I am of you,

You are always joking, always laughing, always smiling,

Even when I think that if I were you,

I would want to break down in tears, and hang my head in defeat.

School is tough for you, I know, books aren't for you,

Teachers call you lazy, they say you don't care,

But if they knew you, they would call you anything but,

They don't seem to understand,

You are smart, just not the way they would like you to be,

But give you something to fix, like a tractor, or pick-up, and you always seem to know what to do,

Give you a horse that needs ridden, and you can turn him into a machine,

Try out for the sports team, you're sure to make varsity.

You do, but then you have your grades holding you back,

Teachers that don't want to cooperate,

They tell you to quit the team, 

You need to focus on school,

Well you didn't quit, you tried harder,

Strived to do better, and after missing about a month of games, you're back,

Now the coach is saying you need to earn your varsity spot,

Show him that you can remain elgible,

Haven't you given enough, not missing a practice, even though you didn't get to play,

Having the teachers' lack of communication having you out over Christmas Break,

I didn't even hear you complain about the unjustice done to you.

My heart is breaking for you, and the way you struggle,

Tears now flowing freely as I write this,

I must say, Little Brother, You make me PROUD!

You Are My HERO!

Stay Strong, keep fighting,


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