Mom You Deserve Better

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Does love really conquer all?

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Another string of harsh words come from his mouth....

You just keep cleaning,

He belittle's you down to nothing, a speck of sand at best,

You just keep your head held high,

More chores to do, more buckets to pack.,

Dishes that need washing, sweeping and mopping that needs done....

You never let anything get in the way....

When he gets in your face, you don't even bat an eye...


We sit and have a heart-to-heart, here is what I say,

Leave him, I know I am not the first,

You deserve better,

I'm scared for you...

When will those harmul words become physical blows,

If that happened, who could stop him,

Would anyone be there to jump in,

I can't stand him,

I come just to visit you, you're letting him come between  the rest of your family,

I can't stand to see him treat anyone this way....

I have lost all respect for the man I call my father...


You tell me he didn't always used to be this way,

That it's probably a good thing you like the country so muxh,

You couldn't leave him,

He never lets it get physical,

He couldn't survive.....

The place would go down the drain,

Nothing would get done,

He wouldn't know what to do....



Does love really conquer all,

Does it have to lead to heartache and pain,

What he says brings tears to my eyes,

Because no one should treat my mom like that,

And there you are, still standing like a brick wall,

I pray that you wont fall.....

The story of abuse, what a viscious tale...

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