The Blade, My Best Friend

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The blade was my best friend,

Submitted: January 13, 2009

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Submitted: January 13, 2009



The blade was my best friend,
First it was just one cut,
Then it became more, soon I was covered with them,
It wasnt a cry for attention, or a cry for help,
It was me letting out my pain in quiet solitude,
It took only a few seconds,
I could hide it and go about my day,
I wasnt aloud to show my emotions around you,
So I did it in the privacy of my room,
There were times I wanted to just go a little deeper,
Maybe a little lower, end it all,
I had thought about the guns that were in the house,
All it would take was just one bullet....
Just one pull of the trigger....
But then I thought of you and how hard it would be for you to handle that,
So I am still hanging on,
My pain is now nonexistent,
Ive learned just to block it out,
As if it were in a dream,
There are still times when I see that blade,
All I can think of is it would just take a few seconds,
All my pain would be over,
My life would end,
But then again, I think back to you,
I have this struggle every time I see it,
But I always win,
Someday it might not be so easy for me to win,
Someday it might be easier to give in,
But I hope that I can conquer it and stop living in a dream land,
Only dreaming of a day without pain…

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