Lavender Ridge

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Luci Riggs a nice girl gets herself stranded on the highway. She searches for a nearby gas station entering a town called Lavender Ridge...What she soon finds out is her life will never be the same...

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



Pitter patter kerchunka bank! That’s the sound of a car breaking down. The front hood became hot and began to smoke. The thinly bodied girl walked out of her car to lift up the hood. When she did smoke flew into her face, her dirty blonde curls flowing with the wind. “Damn it!” she exclaimed. She looked down the open road.

“Maybe there’s a gas station nearby that can help.” She said reaching into the trunk of her car for a stowed away flashlight. It was getting darker along the road and she feared that a flashlight might be needed. Walking down the road, fog was clearly becoming more present and definitely thicker. Even with the flashlight in her hands, distance could only be seen so far. She noticed a metal post sticking out of the ground near her, walking towards it and aiming the flash light at it she could make out:

“Welcome to Lavender Ridge. The calmest place to ever live…
Population: …”

The population part was faded and grey rendering it unreadable. “Lavender Ridge? I don’t remember seeing it on my map…” the girl thought to herself. With that thought past her she continued her travel through the fog and down the road. Around twenty minutes of walking finally yielded results. A gas station loomed nearby. The lights were dim and the building looked decrepit but in the shadows of the windows she could vaguely see a man. She ran over and knocked on the door. The man slowly got up and opened the door. “What can I do you, mam?” he asked with a grating voice.

“My names Luci Riggs, uhm listen my car broke down about twenty minutes up the road. Is it possible for you to help with car? I’ll pay for the expenses I just need it fixed.” Lucy begged. The man stared at her for a good while. Then he cracked a small grin. Lucy began to feel uneasy but needed help.
“I’m sorry…Luci. But you won’t need your car anymore.” Again with that grating voice that seemed worse every time.
“What do you mean?” she questioned, confused by his words.
“I meant what I said and said what I meant. There’s something…special…About Lavender Ridge. You can’t leave. Ever. Enjoy your stay…Lucy Riggs.” Lucy became even more confused but more among that, afraid. She did not like the tone of his words and decided to just go back to her car. Walking back up the road she came, the fog was as deep as any fog could ever be. It felt like she was trapped in a cloud. Nothing could be seen in any direction, just white mist. Pushing her way through the fog she finally could see again. At this sight her jaw dropped and her legs weakened. It was the gas station. She could have sworn she walked away from it. No…she KNEW she walked away from it. Is this what the man meant? She ran back to the building to notice the man was no longer there. She opened the door to an abandoned building. Moss, spiders, fungus, all sorts of life took refuge in the worn down gas station. But the man was not one of them. Something strange was up.

Luci continued her adventure down the road and deeper into Lavender Ridge. Hoping to find something, a phone, a person, anything. But there was nothing. Only silence and the howling of the wind. The fog never faded, the darkness unending, she did not want to be here for much longer. The road finally turned into the town. The town looked just as bad, perhaps worse than the gas station. Dilapidated buildings paved the towns atmosphere. Broken rocks, unused cars, shattered windows, broken street signs, knocked over poles, the town looked like it was hit by a tornado. Luci tiptoed through the achy town, hoping to find something! Turning around a corner she saw a HOTEL sign. “A hotel…”

She slowly opened the creaky door and walked in. Some part of her was expecting something yet…She did not know what. Turning to face the reception desk there she saw an old woman staring at her with baggy eyes. “Come here…Dear.” The woman said with a breathy voice. Luci skeptically walked to the desk making sure not to lose eye contact with the woman. The woman did not say anything when Luci walked to, she only handed Luci a rusted bronze key. The key had a number tag attached to it that read #14. Luci carefully began her way up the stairs when the breathy voice spoke again. “Be safe…” the old woman warned. Luci could only gulp the saliva she cultivated in her mouth. Nearing the top of the stairs, one of the steps cracked and Luci’s foot was sucked in. “Ahh!” she screamed. Luci managed to pull her scratched foot up and ran up the remaining steps. She reached the hotel door panting and looked at the numbers. The hallway lights were dark so she used the flashlight to help read the number. There was a faded symbol under the metal number 4. It was a three. The original room was room thirteen. Thirteen…

Twisting the key in the door, it clicked open. The room felt dusty and old, untouched for months. The curtains were crusty to touch and the springs creaked incessantly as Luci laid down on it. Luci tried to relax, even closing her eyes but everything felt too strange for her. She couldn’t relax, she couldn’t sleep. Downstairs she began to  hear creaking noises, like footsteps against old wood. She slowly approached her door opening it, the hallway lights were off. “What…?” she said softly. Turning on her flashlight to illuminate her path, she slowly made her way back down the stairs. This time she avoided the hole her foot fell in.

At the base of the stairs she aimed the light at the reception desk hoping to ask the old lady what had happened to the lights. But she was gone. She walked behind the desk and kicked something softy. Aiming the light again she could see it was the old woman’s leg, bloodied and battered. The bones were sticking out. Luci was frightened to aim the light up but swallowing her fear she did it anyways. What she saw forced her to run out in pure fear and disgust. The old woman’s body was beaten violently with…something. Her bones all stuck out and her face was concave. It was bashed inside her skull and blood was pouring out like an exploded drink. Luci nearly vomited when running out but held it back.

Luci back into town, scared by the mental images. What the hell is with this town? What is going on?! Who killed her. What killed her?! Is it after me? Why can’t I leave…All these thoughts flushed into Luci’s mind, forcing her into paranoia. Panting Luci stopped running and heard the faintest sound. It sounded like a little girl…Crying. “A child here?” she followed the sound to a hospital that looked like it’s no longer in use. Pushing the resistant sliding doors open the crying became much more audible. In one of the waiting room chairs sat a small body, against the body of chair. It was the girl, crying in fetal position. She’s wearing a hospital patient tarp, maybe she was a patient?

Luci approached the girl with soft footsteps. “Hey…Are you alright?” Luci asked the girl. The girl then stopped crying and her hands drooped from her face. Slowly the little girl turned revealing only dark black bloodied eye sockets. Her eyes were gone and blood trails hung from her eyes swimming down her cheeks. Her mouth was sewn together but she somehow was able to create a crooked smile. Luci screamed and reached for a nearby chair. The girl…creature…leaped at Luci, luckily Luci was able to smack it with the chair. The chair impacted with a CRACK and sent the little body of that creature flying down the floor. The chair broke on contact and Luci dropped the legs of it and ran. She ran and ran and ran. “What the fuck is going on?! What is this place really!!” she screamed to herself between panting gasps.

Luci saw a woman walking down the road and ran towards her. Grabbing the ladies shoulders she panicked. “Listen lady! Run! There’s something really weird going on, I don’t understand. Do you know? Say something!!” The woman looked pale and shriveled but she still spoke. “You…Can only become one with the town.” The woman said.

“What does that mean!? Answer me!” Luci screamed. But the woman’s face soon twisted into anger. Luci let go instinctively. Then…her body contorted around itself. All her bones could be heard cracking and shattering and her body’s juices just expelled. Blood, urine, water everything. It was as if someone took her body and squeezed it like a sponge! Luci nearly vomited again but she once again held it within her, this wasn’t the time to be sickened. The woman as thin as a twig then re-stretched her skin and her stomach was a fang filled mouth. “What the…” Luci’s face grew pale at this grotesque sight. The creature then lunged mouth first at Luci biting at her hand. The fangs pierced part of her skin and she began to bleed. Luci in a flurry punched the creature forcing it to release its grip. The creature staggered backwards from the multiple hits and with this chance Luci ran the opposite direction.

This town was eating at Luci. She couldn’t take much more. It was tearing her apart. All these weird events and…All this blood. Luci ran faster then she thought she could ever have before this. She turned around to notice nothing was following her within the mist. Luci turned back to notice a park and she walked into it. The park was also decrepit, broken swings and rusted playgrounds. She sat on a rusty bench and broke down. She cried into her hands, she cried and cried. “Why…Why is this happening to me?! What did I do? Why?! WHY?! WHY?!?!” she screamed. After her scream it was followed by multiple howls of wolves that sounded close. Luci jumped in shock ran towards the nearest building. It was an old police station that is clearly in disrepair and disuse.

Luci scanned the area violently. She wouldn’t be able to handle any more of those…Creatures. Looking around she was able to deduce she was in an abandoned police station. Papers littered the floor, fungus grew in every possible crevice and corner and dust accumulated so deeply that someone who was allergic would probably die from this amount. “Maybe I can find out something about what the hell’s happening in here.” She said determinately. Luci began to dig through various papers and plunge into file cabinets looking for evidence of what possibly happened to the town. Digging into one file cabinet she found a file with RESTRICTED labeled across it. Though it was faded the red lettering was still visible.

Luci opened the file on a table and found multiple newspaper clippings and signed government documents of a professor’s experiment. “What…” she flipped through the papers reading the same sentence every time. “Scientist finds way to recover the dead.”
“Scientist succeeds in reviving the dead!”
“Failure within a success.”

Luci did not know what all this meant but she could deduce that perhaps these dimorphic creatures were possibly revived dead and altered through experiments. Perhaps that is why! Luci folded the documents and hid them under a broken panel underneath the police station. She placed the tile back above the hole leaving the only evidence secure. Luci walked back to the entrance where she came from. She opened the door…BAM. Luci was knocked out cold across the head with a wooden plank.

Luci’s eyes opened very slowly she tried to move but her body felt constrained. She opened her eyes fully to see she had been strapped to a chair similar to those in dentists offices. “What the hell?” she screamed. The place she was in looked like a rundown laboratory. There was a whole slew of strange vials and containers. There were disgusting body parts in jars and juices.

“Oh so you’re awake my dearie.” A malicious sounding voice approached. It was some cooky looking bald man whose clothing was tattered and red spotted…Presumably with blood and cracked circular glasses.

“I’m so glad you’re awake. Ya see…Oh where do I start…” he paced around the chair. Then flicked his head to the ceiling in thought. “Aha! I know, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on around here correct? Well I’m a professor you see…” Luci cut him off.

“You’re the professor?! Are you the one who tried that dead revival bullshit experiment? Are you the one who caused THIS!”

The man smiled a wicked grin and faced her dead on. “Looks like you did some research in your short visit here. But yes…It was me. It was supposed to be a glorious day, showing that the dead can be reanimated to LIVE! But…Something happened and while the dead was indeed revived. It was…Impure and divided. Those creatures are revived death, but not quite. They maintain a human looking form for only such a time. Their brains though…Ha what am I saying, they have no brains! They just lust for destruction. So I conjured myself a little…Magic? I guess you could call it. And the town became cursed. So they could not leave but neither could anyone who enters Lavender Ridge. It’s a mirage town.”

Luci laid in the chair limp after hearing all this. Her mind wanted to reject it. Her mind wanted to shut it off. Her mind wanted to say it was a dream. But it didn’t work. She knew it was real. She had the wounds to remember it. She knew it. She knew it. She knew it.

“Oh?” the scientist walked up to the limp Luci, her eyes grey and face emotionless. “Haha! Looks like her mind finally snapped. Such a poor girl. But…It’s a shame to let a test subject like her go to waste. I might as well experiment on the living now. Let’s see how she is at near death.” And that is exactly what he did.

He acted such cruel experiments on the frail unmoving body of Luci. He cut her all over he body. Her side, her face, her chest, her legs. Everywhere. Other times he would heat up metal and purposely stick on her body, leaving her scorching burns. Sometimes even on the wounds he cut himself. He would duck her head into water creating a fake drowning and would consistently repeat this process. These tortures Luci took, her mind was shattered, she could no longer think. The only thing her mind was still processing was pain. Alive, can’t move and forced into pain. Agony. Suffering. The scientist was relentless. This continued for nearly a month until her body was scarred with burns and cuts. She barely looked like a girl anymore. She began to look like the creatures she ran from. But she was living.

“Ok now…You’re nearly dead so I believe it’s time.” He reached into his pocket pulling out a very sharp and thick needle filled with some purple looking fluid.

“Now this will hurt…A lot.” He strapped her in one final time and injected the formula into her arm and straight through her muscles. Her once limp body begins to shake lightly, then grows in intensity and almost immediately breaks out into violent convulsions. She opened her mouth after so many days and let out a bloodcurdling scream that sounded almost inhuman. Her body shook like an earthquake for what felt like ten minutes. Her body eventually cooled down than lay limp again, her head tilting to the side. Her eyes were closed and her breathe was none. She had died to whatever serum the scientist injected.

“Damn. I thought something was going to happen. Well guess I can dispose of this trash of a body now.” He sighed to himself. It was then he heard rattling. The scientist turned around to see Luci break free of her containment ripping off the metal restraints with pure strength. She leaped out of the chair and landed in front of the scientist who cowered and fell to the ground. She opened her eyes to a bloody red and the whites of her eyes a corrupted yellow. She growled and snarled remembering all those experiments her committed ever so vividly.

“Yes! YES! I succeeded! Now you, oh you beautiful creature shall work for me! Together I will-“ he was cut off by a powerful pain he could feel in his stomach. Luci controlling her blood from the various cuts he inflicted on her impaled the scientist through the chest. Luci then grabbed the wound and ripped the scientist in two. Tendons and bones breaking echoed in the small building and blood covered the floor and walls and some on Luci. Her eyes beamed a vicious red as she grabbed his heart and crushed it in her hands. The room was dyed red with blood. Luci then jumped to the ceiling crawling along it’s surface and smashed a hole in the window and jumped out of it. She stared into the town the same it was a month ago. All she could do was scream a disgusting roar that echoed through the entire town that even the monsters seemed terrified.

This is the curse of Lavender Ridge. Better hope you don’t find this mirage town. Then you’ll have no hope…

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