Killing Double Love

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Submitted: May 20, 2009

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Submitted: May 20, 2009



The love she feels
is unbearable.

she can't even explain it
to either guy.

she loves them both
and she can't help it.

she doesn't know why
or how it happened.

she dumped the one she loved
for the one she liked.

but ended up falling
falling for the one she liked.

now she loves them both
and doesn't know what to do.

how could she tell them
how could they understand.

the one she left
is over her.

the one she wants
doesn't want her.

she feels lost
she feels un loved.

she wants
to be wanted.

she cant explain it
she doesn't want to.

so she doesn't
she ignores it.

but as the depression wears on
she wants to die.

she ignores them both
not reading their notes.

after starving herself for a week
her parents put her in the hospital.

as she lies on the hospital bed

both guys hold her hands
telling her they are sorry.

they are sorry it went this way
sorry they made it lead like this.

they wish they could go back
and save her life.

her last words are
i will always love you both.

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