Lashay’s Worst Nightmare

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A couple who's lives are pretty much perfect life until the night there graduation party changed everything.

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



"Omg Keith wakeee Up"!!!! It's finally here! It's our Senior Year and today's graduation day! "Good Morning Baby" said Keith.  "Good Morning Handsome" I said kissing him softly. "Hahahaha" I chuckled loudly as the love of my life pulled me back into the bed with him. Keith was such a romantic man, and always gentle. "Let's go baby, we can't be late" I yelled running to the shower! Keith and I have been living together ever since his parents were in a fatal car accident freshman year. Keith didn't leave my side for months after they died, in fear that one day the same would happen to me. 


Keith and I were never officially boyfriend and girlfriend until the day he took me on a date for his birthday, he gave me a rose gold promise ring and said "Lashay I promise to be here with you forever, I want to make you smile till the day we die. I promise I will one day give you a ring that shines 10xs as bright as this one. Will you be my girlfriend"? Tears ruining the expensive makeup that took me 2 hours to do ran down my white baby phat dress. Smiling from ear to ear I softly said, "Yes Of' course Baby"!  No longer holding back the tears I jumped into Keith's arms screaming "I love you, sooo much babyy! You make me Soo happy! This means everything to me". He put me down and we locked eyes. Kissing him with so much passion I never realized he pulled out rose gold necklace with his initials engraved on it right in front of me. This was probably the happiest day of my life. 


I can't believe we made it this far. It's been 3 years and we've been through hell and back. But none the less we survived it all and it's only made our relationship stronger. Keith and I decided to go all out and have a huge graduation party at our house. We were very popular in school and everyone loved us. Our best friends Autumn and Donte weren't far behind us on the popular list, but Donte made it hard sometimes due to his past infidelities. He was always very "friendly" a little too friendly at times! But Keith always kept him straight when he was around. Autumn was the best friend to me and I always went to her when I needed to do anything from cry, gossip, brag about how much I loved Keith, or when I just needed a laugh. She helped me plan this entire party and it was officially time to turn up. "Yass Shay it's about to get crazy tonight bitchhh" Lol "Ahhhhh yess I'm so fucking excited. Can you believe we really graduated today bitch"?!?? I said back while jumping up and down. "Yeo A you and Donte better not fight tonight, I mean it". Autumn just looked at me with the look I had seen many times before. I knew it meant he had been hitting her again. I slipped my red bodycon dress over my head, making sure not to mess up my make up or hair. I stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked at her bruised back and arm as I helped her into a long sleeve black bodycon very similar to mine. "It's okay Baby you know I'm here and we will get through this together. Let's make the best of tonight and celebrate our night". Patting the tear that escaped her left eye Autumn hugged me, but this time tighter than ever before. I could feel the pain in her embrace. I held back the tears coming to the surface of my eyes and reminded myself that I had to be the strong one right now. Enough of that mushy shit Shay let's get litt"! Titling the pretty black bottle of Belaire back and letting the champagne meet her red lipstick. We both bust out laughing because we knew we couldn't drink but so much before we became to intoxicated for our own good. 


Finally, downstairs making a late but magnificent grand entrance to our party. "There's my baby, you look beautiful Lashay"! shouted Keith from across the living room. "Thank you, Baby,"! I responded as I met Keith in the middle of the room. We joined everyone slow dancing to Let me know by Aaliyah. The night got crazy, me and Autumn took shots, shots, shots, and more shots. She had thrown up twice already. I was so drunk Keith carried me to our bedroom and laid me down, closing the door behind him. I don't even know what time it is, but I could hear the door sliding over the carpet, "Keith is that you babe"? There was no response, just a shadow. A shadow that revealed itself as Donte. Jokingly I said, "Bro I'm so litt, I don't think I can even move". Before I could blink Donte was sliding his hand between my thighs meeting my vagina. Squirming to sit up I pushed his arm away. "STOP" I yelled. No one was going to hear me because Teach me how to dougie by Cali Swag District was blaring downstairs. Donte forced his way past my panties and into the most scared part of my body that only Keith has ever entered. A wave a heat hit my face, it's was Donte's chest. "Donte, what the FUCK, STO—PPP"!!! Slurring and crying I kept repeating myself. Donte went on for what felt like hours. "Yeah I been dying to tap this ass"! Donte said sounding out of breath. POW, he slapped my ass and kissed my neck. Whispering in my ear "If you ever tell Autumn or Keith I will kill you"! Knowing his past, I didn't take his words lightly. As he climbed out the bed I quickly and frantically ran to the bathroom. Throwing up and crying all at once. I never felt so degraded in my life. Seconds later the KNOCK, KNOCK at the door caused me to jump back away from the door. "Shay it's Autumn, you good girl? I thought I heard someone yelling up here". Pulling my dress back down, and wiping my face, I pull the door open. "Yeah, I'm good, just got really sick. Let's go back down to the party". Autumn looked slightly confused but never questioned it. "Okay girl". Autumn dragging me behind her, causing me to feel pain and humiliation. On the way down the stairs we passed Donte. "Wassgud SIS"!? He emphasized like never. Smiling back "Hey bro" I mumbled. "Ha,ha,ha, he's so drunk"! Autumn said oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend my boyfriend's best friend just raped me! Too be continued...

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