Bring No Mercy

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Don't let anyone bring you down; take a stand for your heart's true intentions.

Submitted: March 28, 2008

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Submitted: March 28, 2008



You will feel this pain!

Bring back the verbose insensitivity,

You narcissistic coward;

You sadistic tyrant;

You uninventive beast.

Plague this race, the existence to be.

This day will cease.

It will be your last.

As he shouts for pity,

"Just deplete me, forget"!

The rage overcomes his body,

He jumps at his own shrieks;

This unfathomable thought of his own death;

The electrical circuits surge thought his being.

Though his yells frighten,

We enjoy his agony!

You will feel this pain!

I promise you!

His mistress in mayhem,

Her good-bye was easy.

A lead rocket to her skull,

A metal fin to her chest,

A woven vine around her neck,

Her apathetic memory faded out.

Her voice of cacophonies now erased.

This amusement of her tortuous sounds,

Make our days the happiest yet.

You will feel no more…ANYTHING!

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