Cocaine in my Tears

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Don't hold in what you feel; in the long run, it all will work itself out.

Submitted: March 28, 2008

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Submitted: March 28, 2008



Theres cocaine in my body as you may know, I try to hide it so it wont show.

But its hard to if you try, It makes me almost want to cry.

My tears come down like waterfalls, They set off signals and hazardous calls.

I have everyone rush to my aid, Though I dont want to help, it's sadly made.

They want to know the reason for my cries, So I feed them useless little lies.

I resist so trouble won't further grow, But they progress and so does the blow.

It piles and piles up like mounds, So high and deep, you can't seewithstand theground.

I try to suck it up and work it out, But all the time they worsten as they come about.

An yes, my drug dealer is the one source of my pain, And theres only one thing from him I can gain.

To grow stonger and learn from my past, To let the memory and thoughts keep and last.

To savor my tears and waste them no longer, And keep up my pride and grow stonger.

I know that this is what I should do, Yet I can't help it, and the tears grew.

My sorrow and sadness overcome most, This is one subject Irefuse totoast.

I hate to cry though at times I want to burst, And let the whole world see there's something worse.

Something in my heart that isn't right, Something in there that makes me fight.

For my heartache to die and my life to steer straight, These are somethings I couldn't hate.

All I crave is sense of ajoyful rush, And this cocaine does the stuff.

But Im not the only one who becomes addicted, Others do once they become conflicted.

But most just have to see my hurt and sorrow, And they are addicted by the next time tomorrow.

So as you see, this isn't how my life should steer, It should be pleasant without stray veers.

Yet as I hide the cocaine within my tears, My time worstens fear by fear.

I don't let out the pain when I know I should, I keep it in when I could.

I will soonlove my life, in a lonesome day, And hope it'll getter as it strays.

But my addiction and the addicts all know, That the cocaine worstens when it doesn't show.

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