In Her Good-byes

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Love will take you distances, make sure your heart is prepared for the journey.

Submitted: April 12, 2008

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Submitted: April 12, 2008



As her head fell to the ground with a reverberating sequence of pain, his shrieks disconnected the eardrums of the bystanders. Her last breath spoke to him with a quiver and a blood spurt, "I'm so sorry, please forgive me. I love-," and she was gone from him that fateful day. His hands drenched in crimson paint from her back and chest, he carried her in his muscular arms to her warm, cozy resting place beneath the earth.

As he read the words on the eggshell colored parcel aloud to her limp figure, the rain began as the clouds rolled in. He spoke with confidence but also with tenderness and a slight fright. The silver fin he held in his hand up to his wrist, sliced through his tender flesh. The warm, red liquid poured out onto the dirt floor. The box he held in his pocket, he pulled out.

Lookung at the glistening stone inside the blue-velvet case, he wept. His tears staining the face below him, staining his soft, pale cheeks and staining his heart within him. The words on his paper, he reread in his last gasps of life, "You have always been the One for me. I'm sorry I haven't always been the best man in the world, but you're worth changing for. I love you," and he finished his sentence before Death took him from his mortal cloak.

That dreadful day, a fantastic couple lay together in their final sleeping positions as life took them sooner than intended. The hearts of the two he loved and lost, will forever be together in true harmony in further realms.

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