The Shadow of Truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hailey Montgomery is killed.
Who can have done this to her, and why. When you think you have just figured it out, everything changes. My name is Kaylee Smith and I will find out everything that happened.

I will find love and hate. When family is broken apart and their world is turned upside down.

What will I discover?

The phone rang. I answered:
“Smith here... Be there in a minute.”
Then I shouted:
“Carson. We’ve got to go!”
When we arrived at Duane St, we were greeted by my chief, chief Wilson, he immediately barked:
“What took you so long? Never mind, let’s go upstairs, officer Winters is waiting for us.”
Chief Wilson always did this, he would ask you a question and then wouldn’t give you time to answer it, so typical, I guess they were rhetorical. At least he made me and carson laugh up our sleeves!
When we were going up the stairs,I noticed in the kitchen a very small person washing the dishes, the maid, I supposed. We got to the bedroom and officer Winters instantly said:
“ Hailey Montgomery, forty-six years old, mother as a full time job, was found dead yesterday at 9:34 p.m. by her fourteen year old daughter.”
After Winters said this it was like my brain shut down, I could only think of the shooting that went down when I was ten. It was seven o’clock in the afternoon when two clients came into my parents shop, ‘The Clock Shop’. My dad sent me to his office, he always did this, when a client would come in he would make me go away, although he asked me to do so, my curiosity was stronger and so I would lean against the wall and see what was happening. Everything was going normally when one of the customers reached into his pocket took a gun and pointed it to my father, my heart stopped, my dad fought back and then he pulled the trigger. There was a great silence, and I saw a tear falling from my mum’s beautiful and big brown eyes. Then it was my mother’s turn, she didn’t fight back, gave them everything they wanted, the money, the clocks, etc...but I guess it wasn’t enough, because he still shot here, after seeing all this I tiptoed to the office hoping they would leave, and the only thing I heard was the door bell clinging, and I knew it was over.
Afterwards officer Winters introduced:
“This is Scott Montgomery, Hailey’s husband.”
“Officer Smith at your disposal, I’m sorry for your loss Mr. Montgomery, with your collaboration we will find out who killed your wife, we will just ask you a few questions. What were you doing last night?” I requested.
He responded:
“We were just having a dinner with one of my daughter’s friends and her dad. I can’t understand how this could have happened.”
Then I asked:
“Who was here in this dinner? If you could be specific and provide us with names it would help!”
Scott replied:
“Well, I don’t think this will be very useful, but....”
I interrupted:
“ Mr. Montgomery, any information you can give us, is crucial for this investigation.”
He continued:
“As I was saying, the people that were here in this dinner were Jennifer Walker (my daughter’s friend), Alice Montgomery (my daughter), Justin Montgomery (my son), me, Taylor Walker (Jennifer’s adoptive father), Lucy Dale (the maid) wife Hailey Montgomery.
I questioned:
“Had you noticed any strange behaviors in Hailey, and or was she upset with someone or with something?
Mr. Montgomery claimed:
“No, I guess not.”
Afterwards I inquired:
“I noticed when we were coming up the stairs a woman in the kitchen, who is that?”?He answered:
“That’s just Lucy our maid, she’s cleaning yesterday’s dishes, poor woman, works so hard, but only seem to be capable of being a maid...”
I concluded:
“That’s all we need from you, for now...”
Next, we started to search in the room for clues, we found the body of Hailey Montgomery lying on the bed. I could see in her neck signs of asphyxia (stranglement). After this we found a scratch on the bed headboard, this could possibly mean some signs of struggle, so I inquired:
“Was this here before?”
Mr. Montgomery replied:
“No, never seen that before.”
I took a piece of this wooden headboard too for analysis. Then I noticed a bracelet under the bed and carved on it, there were the following initials: JW. At first, I couldn’t understand this code, but then I thought: Jennifer Walker. After this, Carson called me and showed me the curtain in the window, I tested for fingerprints and a result showed up. There was a bit of this curtain ripped off, but it was nowhere to be found, then I realized, this could be our murder weapon, so I stayed with a piece for further investigation. After this we opened a drawer on the bedside table and we noticed a bit of paper, it said: AM14JM17JW15, I was definitely intrigued, what could this mean? I decided to continue to investigate, I went to the study table and there was a laptop sitting there, so tempting...I opened the laptop, it was blocked, disappointing to say the least, then I asked:
“Is this Hailey’s laptop?”
“Yes, but you can’t open it, for two reasons, number 1, I don’t know the password and number 2, you need a warrant for that!” Scott confirmed.
Although I was pissed off, I knew he was right. Next we went downstairs to talk to Lucy, the maid. When we got there, Lucy was still cleaning the dishes, so I requested (showing my badge):
“Good afternoon, I am officer Smith and I am an FBI investigator, we would like to ask you some questions.”
“Good afternoon, my name is Lucy Dale, and I will answer any questions you wish officer Smith.” She said with a very strange accent.
“ What were you doing the night Hailey was killed?”
I demanded.
“I was here at the Montgomery’s house, they were having a dinner, with a friend of little Alice, well, she’s not little anymore, but, she will always be the little child I first saw when I came into this house.”
Lucy whined.
“Were you having any problems with Hailey lately?”
I proposed.
“Either than the fact she hadn’t been paying me well, I never had anything to complain.”
Ms. Dale confessed.
“That’s a pretty good reason to have killed Hailey, you realize that don’t you?” I explained.
She replied shocked:
“Me...kill Mrs. Montgomery?! I would never do that! Since I came here, All I do is my job, I don’t mess with anybody’s business, and neither should you!”
I lowered my voice and said:
“Look, look, we are also trying to do our jobs, so if you would answer the questions, and abstain from commenting, you would make both our lives easier. Did you go to Hailey’s room yesterday night?”
Lucy responded:
“I believe not.”
I concluded:
“Thank you for your time, that’s all the questions we have for you, for now...”
After all this, we decided to go back to the headquarters, firstly we visited the morgue, the body was already there so I asked:
“Clark, what happened the night she was killed?”
He answered
“Well she was killed from asphyxia, her hyoid bone was completely broken. Also I checked on her nails for signs of struggle, and I found rather interesting things. First I found a small amount of fabric, maybe a piece of cloth. Secondly I found a barb, weird, I know. Lastly I found some skin, but don’t get all happy, because, the amount of skin wasn’t enough to find a match...”
I inquired:
“Can I examine the body?”
James answered:
“Go on, I’m sure she won’t mind!”
I did as he told me and started to search for hints for this case. First, I explored the neck, there were suggestions of friction burns, a high amount of pressure was applied, and this could mean our murderer was a man, but this was yet to be confirmed. Subsequently, I found a red mark on her face, so I inspected with fingerprint powder for (who would say?) fingerprints.
I headed to the labs to examine the evidence we had found. I encountered Emma and she asked happily:
“Hey, what do you need?”
I replied: “I have some evidence I would like to give you, for you to analyse. Beginning we have a piece of a wooden bed headboard, and James Clark from the morgue found a barb in the victim’s nails, I would like to run a test to see if this is a match. Additionally we noticed a piece of the curtain ripped off, and so we took a little bit of it for investigation, Clark also found on her nails a kind of fabric, so I would like to also run a test to figure if they are also a match. Now talking about fingerprints, I found a quite interesting thing, a recent fingerprint on our victim’s cheek, maybe we have found our killer. Finally we found a fingerprint in the curtain.”?“The fingerprints are on the computer. I will take a few minutes to find out if the fabrics and the wooden headboard and the barb are matches.” Wagner made a pause and continued.  “What are you waiting for?”
Afterwards I did as she told me and consulted the computer. When I clicked to see if the fingerprints on her cheek matched, it was as if I was praying for an answer, but at the same time I wished there wouldn’t be one. The processing time took forever, and when the final result showed up; I froze. The result was:
Scott Montgomery
Then I clicked to see if there was a pair between the curtain fingerprints, and there was:
Lucy Dale (the maid)
The last thing I did on the lab was ask Wagner if the evidences I had given him were matches and they were indeed.
I returned to the crime scene and Alice Montgomery (Hailey’s daughter) was there, so I greeted:
“Good morning Alice, I am an FBI investigator and I would like to know if we can ask you a couple of  questions about what happened to your mom.”
“Good morning, you mean her death?! You know, you can say the word, I am already 14, even though (by my mother) I wasn’t treated like so...Yes you may ask the questions.” She confirmed.
I requested:
“What did you see or hear the night your mother was killed? Was anyone leaving the room?”
She sobbed:
“When I got to my mother’s bedroom, I...I saw her lying on the bed, I thought she had felt sick, and was just lying, but when I asked her if she was feeling fine, there was no reply and then I felt a shiver in my body, as if I had predicted the ugly reality that was before me...And no, there was no one leaving the room, the only thing I saw was my brother leaving his own room.”
I inquired:
“Lately had your mother been upset with something, or with someone?”
Alice responded:
“My mother and my father had been fighting recently, I didn’t know what it was about but they were always fighting. Also my brother had been so pissed off about my mother’s lack of respect for his privacy,I guess he just wanted to be alone.”
I concluded:
“We have no further questions...for now.”
After all Scott hadn’t had conflicts with his wife, Huh?! I guess he did, why else would there be a red mark on her cheek (sign of fighting), with his fingerprints, right on it, got to talk to him. Watch out Scott, cause I’m coming!
When I had finished inquiring Alice and she went away, Scott appeared and so I introduced myself again:
“Hello Mr. Montgomery, we have found some interesting things about your wife’s death and we would like to ask you a few brief questions. Why were your fingerprints on Hailey’s cheek?”
Scott replied:
“She’s my wife,she was... what would you expect?”
I fought back:
“Then, why was your wife’s cheek with a red mark...And why were you fighting with your wife?”
He exclaimed insulted:
“I already told you five hundred times, me and my wife were just FINE!”
I asked sarcastically:
“Then why did your daughter, just tell us you were fighting?!
He confessed:
“Well, I guess I haven’t been entirely truthful to you guys. We got into a fight, and so I slapped my wife, I didn’t mean to do it, but I did, it was a bad reaction, I was just so infuriated, it was like I couldn’t control myself!”
I complained:
“What were you fighting about and why did you lie to us previously?
Mr. Montgomery asked:
“We were fighting because recently I had seen Hailey and Taylor flirting and I didn’t agree with him coming
for dinner. I didn’t tell you because I knew you would jump to sudden conclusions which were not the reality, I believe that still happened, even though I hid the truth.”
I finalized:
“We have no more questions for you...for now.”
Then we went downstairs to talk to the maid and so I inquired:
“ Hello again, we will ask you some questions, if you don’t mind. Why were your fingerprints on Hailey’s curtain?
Ms. Dale answered:
“I work here, I am the maid, I clean stuff and I don’t wear gloves, why wouldn’t my fingerprints be there?”
I thanked:
“Thank you, we have no further questions, for now...”
After this conversations I decided to head back to the headquarters. I went to talk to Melissa Jenner, the head of the offices, to see if I could get a warrant to talk to Justin Montgomery. I asked persuasively:
“Hey Melissa, do you think it would be possible for me to talk to Justin Montgomery?”
Melissa confirmed:
“Well, Alice claimed she saw her brother exiting his room right before Hailey’s murderer, that’s a pretty good reason, let’s bring him in.”
Melissa made a few calls and in one hour Justin was in the interrogatory and I knew I was free to ask any questions, because I had a warrant. I started by asking:
“Hello Justin, my name is Kaylee Smith and I’m going to ask you some questions. What were you doing at 9:30 p.m.?”
Scott’s son answered:
“Why am I here?”
I declared:
“Please answer our questions.”
He continued:
“I was in the kitchen talking to Lucy.”
I contradicted:
“Oh no you weren’t! According to your sister you were exiting your room at 9:34 p.m., so at 9:30 p.m. you were upstairs, but where?”?Justin replied:
“Why doesn’t Alice mind her own business?! OK, I was in my bedroom, searching for a CD to play downstairs.”
I requested:
“Had Hailey been upset with someone or with something?”
He responded:
“My mom and my dad were upset lately and were always fighting, I think it was because of one thing I once saw, it was my mother sending an e-mail to someone, my dad sneaked behind and asked her why she was doing this to him but I couldn’t understand what the e-mails said... And I was angry at her because she wouldn’t give me privacy. Also my sister Alice was frustrated at my mom because she had an old boyfriend (16 year old) and my mom wouldn’t let Alice be with him.”
I ended:
“Thank you, we have no question, for now...”
I glanced at my evidence and thought about what piece of the puzzle was missing. I saw the bit of paper on my table and decided to analyze it, I knew this code was familiar to me, then I remembered I had found in the bracelet the initials: JW, so I compared and discovered the following:
AliceMontgomery14(years old)JustinMontgomery17(years old)JenniferWalker15(years old)
I couldn’t understand why Jennifer Walker was included in this code and for what this code was, but I definitely knew something was really wrong.
Then I went back to the offices and asked politely:
“Hey Melissa, sorry for interrupting your work, but can you search the Walker’s address? I really need to talk to some of them.”
“Sure… Just give me a minute.” She used her computer and then said, “Chambers ST. 133”
 “Thanks!” I replied.
I got in a car and traveled up to Chambers St. I quickly made my way into their house, knocking several times.
“Who is it?” I heard a sweet voice from the other side.
 “FBI crime investigator. Please open the door Jennifer.” opened the door and I saw the frightened look on her face. She didn’t seem like a stranger to me. It was like I was having those “Déjà vu’s.” She had a lot of similarities with someone that I just couldn’t realize!
“Hi Jennifer. My name is Kaylee and I’m here to investigate the death of Hailey Montgomery. Can I speak with you?”
Jennifer responded:
“Sure… Come in.”
“So, did you have a strong relationship with Hailey?”
“Hmm… Actually, no. She was just the mother of my best friend, Alice. I was very sorry for her, but myself and Hailey weren’t properly friends.”
“Have you lost any bracelet?” I asked.
She declared:
“Bracelet? No, I don’t recall that. I don’t wear bracelets.”
“We found a bracelet with the initials: “JW” on it. Therefore, I thought it might belong to you…”
“No. Oh I know! That’s my father’s! He has a bracelet with my initials, he says its so he can carry me around with him, even though I’m not there, it’s kind of cute...” Jennifer admitted.
I completed:
“Thank you for your collaboration, we have no more questions, for now...”
Since Justin informed me about the e-mails his mother and Taylor Walker had previously exchanged, I had enough evidence to own a warrant for Hailey’s computer. Therefore, I returned to Melissa Jenner’s office and asked for it.
“Hmmm, yes. I’m sure that will make you progress with your investigation. On you go with it!” she declared, making me as happy as a baby with a lollipop.
I traveled up to the crime scene once more and tried using several passwords, such as: “Hailey Montgomery”, “Hailey+Scott”,etc... but then I remembered the code I had found on Hailey’s drawer to unblock the computer. Fortunately, my instincts were right and it fitted. As Justin made a clear remark on Hailey’s inbox, I went directly there. However, there were no emails between her and Taylor. I used my brains to put some pieces together… If Hailey had been secretly emailing Taylor, those emails wouldn’t be clear to anyone’s eyes… thus, I clicked the deleted items button. There they were… my treasure. A never ending list of emails between Hailey and Taylor were organized in different colums. Some of them had a star marked on them, so I deduced they were more important. I started my reading:
Taylor: Please Hailey, you don’t want to do this. Don’t tell anyone about our secret!
Hailey: I can’t handle it anymore. I’m going to tell my husband, he doesn’t deserve to be betrayed like this!
Taylor: Jennifer will end up getting hurt. Is that what you want?!”
I became somewhat confused. First Scott is involved, now Jennifer?! What big secret can this two be hiding?... I kept on reading.
Hailey: Don’t pretend you care about Jennifer… If you cared, you should have done what I told you: put her to adoption!
Taylor: Why? If she has two perfectly healthy and caring parents that love her?
Hailey: Stop Taylor!
Taylor: Don’t do this! Or else…
Hailey: Or else what?!
This was their last conversation. Quite suspicious huh? I need to have a talk with Taylor, discuss some important matters. However, Jennifer is first on my list. My job on the Montgomery’s house was completed for that day.
I returned to the Walker’s house and I repeated the process I had done before and Jennifer recieved me again and she asked:
“Hello again, can I help you?”
“Jennifer I ‘m sorry but I need to be direct, are you truly adopted?” I requested
Jennifer cried:
“ This is a very touching issue, I have questioned myself about this several times, I think I am, but how dare you ask me that? How should I know?”
“I am so sorry Jennifer. I won’t touch in this topic anymore, I promise. Did you notice anything strange about your father and Hailey? I questioned
“My father and Hailey?! No I never noticed anything....Should I have noticed?” Jennifer suggested.
I interrogated:
“ No, it was just in case.Where does your father work, and at what time schedule?”
“ He works at Domino’s Pizza in Church street, he owns the place, even works from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.”
“Thank you for your help.”
After this I went home to rest, this had been a big day for discovery in the case of Hailey Montgomery.
The morning after, when I woke up I knew I had to go talk with Taylor, I got up, dressed myself and went to Domino’s Pizza. There I found Taylor, he was just like I had imagined: tall, brown hair, beard and average wight. I immediately introduced myself showing my badge:
“ Good morning, my name is Kaylee Smith I am an FBI investigator and I am Inspecting Hailey Montgomery’s murder.”
“Good morning, come with me” He said.
I did as he told me and then I questioned:
“Have you lost your bracelet?”
“Yes...How do you know that?! Did you find it? If yes please give it to me!” He begged.
“Yes indeed, we found your bracelet, but it was in a peculiar place, in Hailey’s bedroom!” I exclaimed.
He said shocked:
“In Hailey’s bedroom, how did it get there?!”
“You tell me... Have you been contacting Hailey?”
“No. Why would I? Taylor asked.
“Why were you sending e-mails to Hailey threatening her?”
“I don’t know anything about that, besides you need a warrant for that, I’m not stupid...” When Taylor said this he  shrugged and I could see his wrists, and there were a few scratches and a sunburn mark (from the bracelet probably).
I thanked him for his help and headed back to the FBI headquarters and asked Melissa:
“Hey, do you think you can get me a suspect warrant with Taylor Walker?”
“Well, there were the e-mails in the computer threatening Hailey and he refused to talk about it. Plus his bracelet was in the crime scene. Go ahead.” Melissa again, sent a few things through her e-mail and a while later Taylor was in the interrogatory room. I entered the room and I declared:
“We meet again, but now I have a warrant, so you will answer my questions.”
“What do you want?” he asked.
“We only want you to answer our questions. Why do you have scratches on your wrists?” I requested.
“I was walking, I fell and my wrists got scratched.”
“Why was your bracelet in Hailey’s bedroom?”
“I don’t know...maybe it fell.”
“Why would you go to Hailey’s bedroom?”?“To talk to her about some personal issues.”?“What kind of personal issues?”
“As I said....PERSONAL!”
“Was it maybe about the adoption that didn’t happen?”
“How do you know that....I mean, that’s not true!”
“You’ve bitten the bait, why were you sending threats to Hailey?”
“I can explain.”
I completed:
“Please do...”
Taylor continued:
“Jennifer is not adopted. She is mine and Hailey’s daughter. Once we were both drunk and it happened. I must say I don’t regret a thing, Jennifer is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Hailey was already married with one child so I was forced to lie and tell Jennifer she was adopted. Hailey wasn’t supposed to know, she was supposed to believe I gave Jennifer to adoption, until our children met at school an after that, it was all a mess. I needed to threaten her and force her not to tell anyone. I WAS JUST AFRAID I WOULD LOOSE MY DAUGHTER! I just went upstairs and thought I would shake her up...
I interrupted:
“...So, you decided to strangle Hailey, cracking her hyoid bone, so no one would ever have to know about your little incident. When she went upstairs, you thought it was the perfect opportunity to kill her. You thought you were very smart and used gloves, but slowly we came to find out it was you.”
Taylor ended:
“i didn’t mean to do it!”
I concluded:
“Taylor Walker you are under arrest for the murder of Hailey Montgomery."

Submitted: April 22, 2012

© Copyright 2022 tavaresclip. All rights reserved.

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