Deny The Reaper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem of the denial of death and the battle through life that ultimately leads to an inevitable end (something many struggle to come to terms with). Otherwise, the grief can hold a compelling
power over you always, for as long as you'll let it. You can fight it, or you can accept it just as the lost would wish you to.

Today marks the breaking of a barrier.

Today signifies what we had together.


I was mesmerized by your beautiful, green eyes once,

But now they are absent from my searching gaze.


How can we repair this gaping, destructive hole?

When neither of us has a ferocious soul?


We have to break him! Down to dust!

Blocking his bad intentions is a must!


He is so thoughtless, lurking in our shadow!

Creeping in our nightmares, then until now!


I would terminate it all for you. I admire you so much!

But you hold me back with your gentle, forgiving touch…


Your generosity amazes me, and so does your honour…

I wipe away tears when I remember that you are my mother.


When love takes such a terrible, unexpected turn

I suppose it generates an opportunity to learn!


But must this lesson destroy everything that I have?

Must this well-intentioned notion hurt so, so bad?


Why does death crouch behind me and come closer?

Why is it threatening everyone that I love and no other?


Now, do I pass by you daily? Glance in your pure direction?

Do you place your hand on my shoulder? Make my doubts a piece of fiction?


The reality has never been more ugly or bitter.

The cold, black-caped intruder stole you that winter.


Cried I did. I wept until my breath evaporated.

You are eternally missed. Not one person wasn’t devastated.


Will you hold my hand through my daily, future trials?

Shall I lean on you as I’m walking my final miles?


My hope is vanishing, my faith remaining untrue.

If God exists, in what Universe was it right to take you?


My small, wavering hope keeps me trudging ahead

To whatever inevitable ending awaits me when I am dead.


I should have sacrificed, said “Take me! Not her!”

But deep down, I knew I wasn’t worth what you were.


The anger residing within me could burst at any day,

And I had concluded that it would occur in a very tragic way.


Is the unfairness worth it when all is said and done?

It is worthwhile to engage in a battle that cannot be won?


I suppose not...the terrible truth has revealed itself

And I cannot diminish it when I’ve already crushed myself.


Nothing will ever change the result. It is now up to me!

Shall I continue against the Reaper? Deny his power over me?


Submitted: June 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Tayah Reed. All rights reserved.

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