First love.

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You know the story. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love. But for one little girl. Its much more then that.

Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013



This isn't another love story. This is a story of love.

It's funny how the person you'd least expect could become the one person you couldn't live without. Sometimes they'll meet at a street corner, coincidentally ending up on the curb of the road just at the same second. Sometimes they'll meet at a friends party, being awkwardly introduced, later to find out they have the same interests. However they meet, whatever path was taken to get to that very moment isn't important the memories to come are what makes it real.

The start of this story begins at a school. An ordinary school with ordinary people. But their was a girl, a broken, alone, dis-functional girl, who spent her time looking for something more. Something to make her happy, something that she could give her heart too, and dedicate all her love too. Then, their was a boy, a quiet, creative, handsome boy, who wasn't looking for anything. He just needed a pencil, and some paper and he was whole. Even though those two people had spent a year and a half walking past each other on the footpaths, exchanging a few words every now and again, and accidentally sitting next to each other in a class. Neither of them knew that one day they would mean more to each other then they both could ever imagine..

She had never seen him as anymore more then another boy. She'd never even given him a second glance. No one knows why one day she looked at him differently. Maybe it was the way his hair looked that specific day, or maybe it was the way the light, softly bounced on the side of his face. Maybe it was the way he cutely smiled when she asked him to help her with something. No one knows. But since that one day, she's never looked at him the same.

From that one day, they slowly started talking, they started sitting together in class,they started to get to know each other. Not just the basic things. The ins and outs.They started to learn about each other. The things they loved and hated. They became closer, and it didn't take long before she realised she felt something more for him. It wasn't just friendship anymore.

They flirted. Like crazy. He would say she's pretty, and she would reply with an x. Then then xo's turned into love hearts. The love hearts turned into late night conversations. Until, all she wanted was for him to be hers. One normal Friday night, she brought up the courage to tell him, the amount of time he took to respond killed her. She thought, "This is it. I've lost him now. How could I be so stupid.' But when he replied. It was exactly what she had dreamt about. He had feelings for her too. Except, he didn't want to be her boyfriend. Yet. That confused her. What was she to make of that? Was he ashamed of liking her? Was he scared he'd get hurt? She didn't know. But things between them continued to get stronger. They talked every day. About everything and anything. Then one wednesday afternoon the 27th of Novemeber. Just one day before her birthday. He asked her out. ' Will you go out with me.' 6 words. 18 letters. Rung through her mind. All she wanted to do was say yes. But she thought that may seem a bit desperate. She didn't say yes. But. She didn't say no. Instead she said I'll think about it. Why? Of course she didn't need to think about it. All she wanted was to be his. To be his girlfriend. The one he can rely on. But she waited. Around 5 o'clock that afternoon she sent him a simple message agreeing to be his girlfriend. That night was one of the best nights of her life, she had him. For real.

The next day was her birthday. When she arrived at school, her bestfriend, friends, and now boyfriend were waiting out the front. When she got out of the car and greeted her friends, she hugged each of them. When she hugged him, it was the most amazing embrace she had ever encountered. He smelt divine. He was the perfect height. And she never wanted to let go. That was the first of many incredible hugs to come.

For the next month, they just spent alot of time together at school, and speaking till they went to sleep each night. Just getting to know eachother more. Before long, he realised how broken she really was. He discovered the incredible hate she had for herself. Her past. And many of the people in her life. He discovered all the strange habits she has. Everything about her. That was a two way street, she knew everything about him aswell, and wow. She loved it.

At the end of the term, they went away on school camp together. They spent alot of that time together. On around the second day of being their something amazing happened. Something that she will never forget. He said he loved her. For the very first time. It blew her away. Left her breathless. He loved her. He had said so. That changed everything.

After around a month and half of being officially together, she started to wonder if he was ever going to kiss her. She was nervous. Hoping she wouldn't screw it up. She just wanted to feel his gorgeous lips on hers. For the first time. But nothing happened. 2 months past. Still nothing. 3 months. Nothing. She was beginning to worry. Was their something about her that repelled him from kissing her. She was getting inpatient. Finally after 4 long months, out of the blue. They kissed. So softly. But it was powerful enough to send chills down her spine, and all through her body. Her stomach filled with butterflies. Even though it only lasted a few seconds it felt like a life time. A lifetime well spent. It was beautiful. Delicate. Perfect.

The next few months were a blur. They just spent their time talking, and having fun. But as months went by, she started to fall for him. Really fall for him. She started to notice things about him. That she never had before Like, the small freckle on the side of his left hand and the fact that his eyes were a light hazel that reflected in the sunlight. She started to want to be with him every second of every day. She needed him.

He made her feel beautiful, wanted, needed. He showed her a life worth living. A life worth enjoying. He told her things he'd never told anyone. As did she. They became closer then they ever thought they would. They needed eachother.

She fell in love with him. Head over heels, completely, crazily, over the top, madly in love with him. She thought about him every single second of everyday. She thought he was perfect. Everything about him from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. The way his hair fell across his eyes. The sparkle of his eyes when the light hit them, just in the right spot. The clothes he wore. His gorgeous body. The way he walked. The way he held her hand just a little tight. But not too much. Just enough to make her feel safe. The way he said her name. The echo it left in her ears.

She fell in love with the way in which he kissed her, ever so lightly, like his lips just brushed hers. Or the way he kissed her so passionately she just wanted him right then and there. The way he wrapped his arms around her, the way it made her feel safe. Like she was home.

She fell in love with his personality. The way that they were both interested in a lot of the same things, but how they were also so different in many ways. She loved his thoughts. The way he had the most amazing views on so many things. She loved his incredible ability to draw. Even if he hadnt set out to draw anything, and it was just a little sketch in the side of his workbook. It was always perfect. And it blew her away each and every time.

She knew she had fallen in love, because he became her everything. Her one and only. Her best friend. Her future. He became all she ever dreamed about. And everything reminded her of him.

Over the many months they had been together, they went through many ups and downs. From fighting, to being in love, to hating eachother. Over the 23 months they had been together so far, they had felt every emotion possible.

They started to plan their future together. He wanted to be an illustrator. She wanted to be a writer. They had decided that when they were able to they were going to move in together. They were going to start their future together. They were going to be together. She loved that idea. That's what kept her hopeful. What kept her going. Knowing that in the future, she would have him. She would get to see him every single day. She would get to wake up to his handsome face. She would fall asleep intertwined with his body. Falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat and his breath on her neck. She would make him a cup of hot tea. She would cook for him. Whatever his heart desired. She would leave little notes around the apartment. To make him smile. She would surprise him with little gifts. She could finally be with the one she loved. And that's what kept her happy.

They decided together what type of wedding they would have. Of course most of the ideas were hers. But he still liked them. They planned to have two kids. A boy and a girl. They planned to name the girl Lucy. They planned their whole lives, and not once did they have to second guess wether they would still be together. They just knew.

Till this day. That ordinary boy, and that ordinary girl, are more in love then they ever have been. They are everything to each other.

She loves him. He loves her.They are in love and they will be till the day they die. They are proof that fairy tales do exist. They prove that no matter how much you convince yourself otherwise. There's always one person you are destined to be with. You're destined to find each other. Lucky for these two ordinary teenagers. Their fate came early, and she couldn't be more grateful.

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First love.

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