The Coffee Shop

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Tom writes in his journal about a girl he will never forget.

Submitted: October 15, 2014

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Submitted: October 15, 2014



The Coffee Shop

Wednesday, Journal Entry #365

You just left. The smile on your face as you walked to the most important interview of your life gave me hope that you’d get it. You’d get the job. They’d love to have you. Your bright eyes, cheerful voice, and warm smile are on my mind so I figured I’d write to you. Writing in this old coffee shop every morning relaxes me for some reason. It helps me remember. I think back to when we met for the first time often. How I didn’t want to be at Matty’s party and be introduced to a bunch of high-maintenance strangers. Everyone in New York City is like that though, huh?

“And this is Emily.” Matt said as you stepped out from behind him. Your eyes were the color of silver and engrossing. Your smile was bright and innocent, like that of a child or like someone who hadn’t been exposed to pain. I lost my breath.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you!” Your voice was inviting and cheerful, and I couldn’t get enough of it. In that moment, I knew you were it. You would be the one.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” I replied softly, “Maybe I’ll see you around”

I was so nervous; I didn’t know what to say. You didn’t care that I was awkward and timid. Or that I was a klutz who couldn’t even walk to save my life. Like when we went ice skating. I really proved to you then just how clumsy I could be.

* * *

“Tom! Stop being a baby and get out here!” Ice skating was never my thing, but you had never been skating at Rockefeller center. With the first skate on the ice, I could already feel the sense of stability I once had float away. I would have never admitted it, but I was terrified.

“Come on, Tom. Here, take my hand.” Your hand was frigid. It surprised me how something so cold could make me feel so warm inside 

* * *

That was the first time I had held your hand. I remember how stupid I felt after falling over my own feet seven times. Remember our first fight?

You hated cats. When I brought him home, you were so angry. Time and time again I had been told you didn’t want a cat in your sight. But what better way to complete our new home than a cute little kitty! You wouldn’t talk to me for days, but you grew to love him, like I knew you would.

I remember the last words I said to you.

* * *

“Everything will be fine. You’re going to go to your interview, get the job, and meet me here for celebratory donuts.” I tried to calm you down as much as possible. But you couldn’t help but worry. It was your first major interview for you dream job.

“I love you.” you whispered. I looked up and smiled, the sun glistening off your eyes. I knew you did. I would never get tired of hearing it.

“I love you, too. I’ll see you soon.” I said. And there you went, you were off.

* * *

The skyline looks different today, bare almost. It’s just another thing that reminds me of you. I miss you more than I’ve ever missed anything. I’m getting better, and I know one day I’ll be okay again. For now though, I love you to the moon and back. I’ll see you soon.


He closed his journal and looked out at the skyline of New York once more. It was such a bright, sunny day. It made him happy, even when he felt like he had nothing to be happy about. Tom rose from the booth he sat at every morning in his favorite coffee shop. He walked over to the stack of crumpled newspapers on the floor. As he picked one up, the date hit Tom hard. Once again, he remembered it all.

A YEAR TODAY, 9/11/02

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