A story about a girl

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A poem, not written about anyone in particular, but written a little bit about myself. I was very down and upset at the moment because I was dealing with someone who was being very nasty toward me, at that moment. Feeling very frustrated and upset, I started typing up a poem.

Submitted: October 06, 2008

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Submitted: October 06, 2008



I got this little story
About this beautiful young girl
Who just wanted to fit in
And be accepted in the world

Every day she cries
Because no one understands
That all she really wants
Is someone to hold her hand

Someone who can look in her eyes
And see the beauty that she holds
Someone to make her feel warm inside
When the world seems to be so cold.

But this young girl
Was pushed too far
And people finally realized
That huge, deep scar

One day she ran away
With no plans of going back
Cause now she’s up in heaven
Where her life doesn’t seem so black

Too bad her terrible death
Left no one with an impression
because people continue to bully
Those who suffer deep depression

so take the next minute
Just to realize
That the people
you may hurt
May never again
be seen through your eyes

**This poem is not about anyone in particular.

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