I remember our love

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This is a short little poem i put together. It is about romance and has a meaning to it about deep romance. someone who onced loved someone and then that love just faed away. leaving you thinking what did i do wrong and what just happened

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



I remember my past it happened so fast. The memories of our years are nothing but my tears. THe way you cared the way you shared .I knew that you would always be there. I've been heart broken twice. What i went through wasn't right. I feel like i want to die .Somebody help me cause i dont know why.We spent so much time together. I thought you was going to be here forever. Take my pain away before i just fade away. I sit here in the dark alone. Wanting to write a poem and sing a little song. I want to kill myself. When i talk to you. You act like you're death. You were my man i loved when you use to hold my hand. Everyone used to tell us we were a good couple. I used to smile when i heard you're name kyle. I wish i could see you once again before my love for you ends. I wish you were here this very day so i could tell you what i have to say. I remember our love it reminds me of a beautiful white dove. I remember I remember I remember.

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