Love isn't real, it's a made up emotion, only to be fictional.

If I had one quote,

something for the world to know

The words that he never would say

all have their part to play

Not saying I need him

I wish my life didn't begin

Wish I stared 

With a knife in my heart


At five years old

did know how far the story would be told

He swore he fell in love

I wish he got stuck with bullets from above

Not saying he is important

He even blew my life way out of proportion

Wish he started 

With a knife in his heart


My so called friend

just made this mess begin

She told his big secret

something I wish to forget

Not saying that I hate her

Just saying all I was, was immature

Wish we started 

With a knife in our heart


I still won't listen to a love song today

If you see me, don't pretend I'm okay

I see your family sometimes in town

But I don't wish to see you around

Not saying I don't want to see you

Just that I wish it weren't true

Do you wish that I started,

With a knife in my heart


What about that time at the store,

I never saw you there before

But you parked right in front of me

But your face I didn't see

I hid in that truck's floor

you walked right by its door

So then I wished that I started

With the knife in my heart


I may of kicked you that one day,

You wouldn't let that one slip away!

You may of called me asskicker,

But your love for me just grew thicker.

So then didn't wish that we started,

With a knife in my heart.


Okay so on my birthday, 

we chased each other most of the day.

You and I at my birthday party

That was the first time you met my family

Now they wished that you started,

With a knife in your heart.


That one rainy day

That one little sentence you were scared to say

I pushed you and told you to say it

But inside I knew my heart would be breaking

I knew I would start,

With a knife in my heart.


Last summer you slipped away

I clearly remember the day

We had our first fight

I stayed up crying that whole night

You texted "Your not sorry"

But you never knew me.

Then I wished that you started,

With a knife in your heart.


If continued to write this

I would go on with a list

of things I'd never say

straight and up close to your face.

So I never wished that I started,

With knife in our hearts


P.S. I wish I could tell him, That I still love him...

Submitted: December 11, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Taylor Love. All rights reserved.

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I love the flow and I also love the end of each paragraph..

I like it in total..

Mon, May 28th, 2012 3:21pm


Thank you. It was a five minute thing... But I'm glad you liked it all together!

Mon, May 28th, 2012 8:28am

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