Life Go's On

Life Go's On Life Go's On

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



There will be more to this story and it will be happy. Got my inspiration from the movie safe haven.
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There will be more to this story and it will be happy. Got my inspiration from the movie safe haven.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Life Go's On

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There will be more to this story and it will be happy. Got my inspiration from the movie safe haven.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2013



Chapter 1



I ran fast, as quickly as I could. I needed to escape. I simply couldn’t feel anymore. My hands trembled as my heart was giving out. My breaths got shorter and I got scared. The time was not on my side, which made my strides longer. I grabbed Elise, packed her over my shoulder alongside my backpack. I was quiet, the evil man was not going to get us. My actions were made fast and quick, but still trying to be quiet. I knew he would come after me, I knew he would come after us. But nothing about knowing that stopped me, it made me move faster. Maybe this time I could get away clean, maybe this time I would be okay. But he made it hard to say.

So I leaned over the rugged kitchen table grabbing any food that wasn’t spilt with beer. I got a loaf of French bread, a banana, an apple and a box of Cheez- Its. That definitely wasn’t much food, but it could last. Usually at this time he would be sleeping because he passed out because of too much alcohol. Then after that he would hurt me. The flashbacks would roll into my head so often it was hard to think straight on what I was trying to do right now. I grabbed a box of matches, a blanket and five water bottles and stuffed them in one of the compartments on my backpack. Elise was sleeping so soundly so I set her down on the couch in tell I could get everything that was needed to stay alive by ourselves. Knowing the amount of time I had was short, I limited myself to only one more minute so I could insure our safety once and for all. I grabbed more necessary items which included, two rolls of toilet paper, Elise’s inhaler, the bottle of Advil on the counter and a giant towel that could be used as a blanket as well. Then grabbed some extra pants for Elise and a sweatshirt for her to. For me, I grabbed a jacket and sweat pants. We were on our way out.

But I heard noise from upstairs. A groan.

“Babe, get down here!” he screeched.

Oh goodness, I thought in terror. I ran to the bathroom and got the final thing needed to escape. I grabbed his wallet and tugged at it for bills. I pulled out a couple twenty’s, hoping that was enough. I sprinted towards Elise and grabbed her and held her in my arms like a baby. Then I slipped the backpack on and headed for the door.

“Hurry! NOW! I’m not waiting forever,” he screamed again. I knew he was so drunk just the way he spoke was slurred. I figured the only way we will escape is if I play this well.

“Be up in a second, just getting on the clothes you picked out for me,” I said sexually and seductive.

“Good.” He mumbled shortly.

After that there was silence. He was happy. And so was I. I opened the door quietly, it couldn’t be this easy. The door made a loud terrible noise. He had to have heard that.

“You’re not trying to leave are you?!” He screamed running down the stairs. From the angle of the door he couldn’t see us, so I did what I had to.

“Elise,” I said quietly shaking her. “ELISE,” I said but this time louder and firmly shook her.

Her eyes opened slowly, she could hear him screaming in the background as he was trying to make it down the stairs. “What’s going on mom?” She was so little and so confused, I could tell she was beginning to shake.

“Were getting out of here. Now grab this bag and go hide in the bush near the car, don’t come out tell I come get you. You can do this Elise. You can. Now go sweetheart, everything will be ok.” I said as convincing as I could. She had to hide, we were going to escape.

“Mom, what about you?”

“I will be out soon. If I am not go run to the fence and hide behind there. I will meet you at the fence but you have to hurry. You have to leave now.”

Elise’s little legs began to run toward the bush in fright. She was only 6 this was a lot to ask, but if it meant her safety she had to go. I closed the door, now it was time to act. And I mean act.

I turned around and started walking toward him. “Sorry hun, I was just making Elise go so we could have a night to ourselves.”

“Since when are you into it? No what its ok, whatever it takes,” he said stable and strong now as if all the drunkness wore away.

He grabbed my waist and flung my hair out of my face, totally not romantic at all. He put his body right next to mine, chest to chest.

“Sooo.. How about that outfit I got picked out for tonight?” He turned around and was holding fish nets and string for me to wear. “This will be a good night especially if you like it.” He smiled so devil like, it made me fear how long Elise would be out there. He grabbed me and pushed me on the ground. I fell hard to the tile hitting my head he slapped my face and said, “Change now.” Slowly getting up with my face bright red he grabbed me again holding me by the hair and kissed my chest. I tugged away as much as I could but he kept sucking at my chest. He slapped me again and spoke again too, “Go change, I’m not waiting forever. I thought you wanted this tonight?”

“I do, I do baby.” I said this as I grabbed his pants and unbuckled his belt. If I wanted to escape I had to do what I had to do.

“NOW CHANGE!” He screamed so violently.

I began walking toward the bathroom to change but that’s when he grabbed my waist and spun me around and said “right here, in front of me. I want to see your lovely body.”

God he was such a freak I thought. Damn, there goes my escape, I was going to sneak through the window. I had to follow his rules if I wanted to be alive by the end of the night so I began to take off my shirt.

“Faster,” he barked at me. His hair greasy and mouth smelling like beer. Gross.

I took off my shirt and pants, now I was just undies and bra. He came close to me and grabbed my ass from behind. He unsnapped my bra and took it off immediately. He kissed me and took his ice hands and ran them over my boobs. I looked away In disgust. This was nasty. I went along with it and kissed his lips too, this use to feel so good but now I hated the way he kissed me. He took off his shirt and I grabbed the outfit he had planned and said, “Babe I got something better, let me go to the bathroom to surprise you.” I said lying so well.

“Ill count to fifteen and be back,” he said compromising because he knew what I was trying to do. I ran to the bathroom as he slapped my ass on the way out. “One,” he screeched.

I shut the door and locked it quietly. I was trying to think so fast that my head was pounding. I saw my opportunity. The window. I opened it slowly trying not to make one sound. He was already at “eight,” I revealed a ten inch space to crawl through. I pushed my body out the window and kicked my legs out to land on the patio that was on the other side. As I was cold I was also naked in my backyard. Weird. I ran parched over so he wouldn’t see me, but to my surprise he was already at the fence door to exit. I was doomed. And Elise was alone.

But then I saw hope. A knife sitting on the BBQ table. He looked at me and mumbled some shit I wasn’t listening to. I was scared. But I had to make it to Elise. She had to be safe.

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