Dear Bird Love Tree

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If we were to be found in nature,
You would be ‘Bird’,
and I would be ‘Tree’.
We have watched each other grow.
Hand in hand.

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012




Dear Bird,

If we were to be found in nature,
You would be ‘Bird’,
and I would be ‘Tree’.
We have watched each other grow.
Hand in hand.

You sat by me
Through the hardest of winters.
And laughed with me
Through the warmest of summers.

Even after you had found your wings
You still flew back to me.
That is, until the day
You found a new tree.

Winters came,
And passed,
And I , the lonely willow, stood.

Spring was deep in bloom,
And summer was soon approaching
When you flew back.
But you were not
‘Bird’ as I had known.

Your beak strengthened,
Your eyes hardened,
Your feelings callused,
And your heart broken.

I enclosed you in my leaves
and pulled you in safe.
But, Although you were back,
And although you were healing,
You were not
And would never be,
The old, My friend Bird.

Something was different.
Something that would never be the same.
If only I could explain to you
What exactly
The something is
And when exactly
That something between us changed.

But I am at a loss.
We remained close,
No longer inseparable,
No longer best friends,
But still bound together
By an indestructible string.

One as fine and invisible
As a spider web,
But as strong as iron.
It’s a merciful string.

At the sheer glimpse of you
The string pulls from the very center of my trunk.
Like a plant leans towards sunlight
I am drawn to you.

You, seemingly, drawn to me.
We are the only things in nature.
You a bird,
And me a tree.

But in a moment you are gone.
With no trace,
But the aching deep inside of me.
I stand, dirt smeared on my bark
By the light rain like tears.

But why must you taunt me so?
You fly high overhead,
A sad glint in your eye,
Yet a light song in your heart.

You soar through the clouds
With a mysterious ease.
Wings spread wide
You fly from tree to tree

Collecting twig after twig.
You build your nest.
Sturdy walls
Enclosing you high above
And out of reach.

You fly effortlessly over the three tops
But never look down upon this lonely willow
Bound tight to the ground.
You flitter about while I stand
A sturdy tree.
Deeply rooted.

You see
How my roots extend
Locking me here.

You know
No matter how far
You fly,

No matter how long
You stay away,

No matter what
I’ll be here.

Waiting for a glimpse of your presence

You never once stay
When I am in need.
Only when you want a place to rest.
A branch to land on.
A hand to hold.
A cheek to kiss.

And I stand in the dirt.

Bird, why must you taunt me so?
I wait for you,
But then you are gone.
You fly away as quickly as you swooped in.
Leaving me wilted and desperately wanting to leave,
But knowing I’ll stay.

You fly back to me
One last time.
My core ablaze
Desperate for you,
But one last night
A mistake.
You fly far away.

My leaves strengthen,
My core hardens,
My bark becomes callused,
And my heart is broken.
But I still wait.
Longing for my new ‘Old Friend Bird’

Good Bye Bird. For now,

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