the day i died

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the day i died

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



I hate my life I really do
Because no one seems to get people like me and you
They don’t understand Why
They don’t understand why we want to die
So I’ve decided to show them now
And I’ll cut really deep just to show them how
As I grip the knife blade in my hand
Oh, I say I just wish you’d understand
But if you insist
I mean it’s not like I’ll be missed
So I cut down my arm, just like before
Convincing myself, that it’s not at all sore
I go deeper and deeper, til I hear you call my name
Oops, I went to far, and now it’s to late to tell your not blame
Because I really did hate my life
But still you cry as you pick up that knife,
The knife that ended my life.
Still the days will come and go, when you ask yourself why
Why I wanted to die
And your mind will not rest til you figure out a reason,
But the days will still go by, along with the seasons
And You will never know why,
Why I wanted to die,
Because in the end it was only I,
I only knew why I wanted to die,
I covered up my pain for so long
I tried to express it using song
But it’s hard to hide things like that,
Things like I’m dumb, ugly and fat
Because in the end it will all come revealed,
Just like a letter being unsealed,
But this letter I leave to you, In hope you’ll understand
What I was thinking, when that knife was in my hand.

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