Heaven Is My Personal Hell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kinda supposed to be freaky, but a nice little messed up piece!

Submitted: March 15, 2008

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Submitted: March 15, 2008





I stare up into your eyes, shrieking inside my psyche for assistance. I need someone here, because I know something is happening to you, I can feel it in the core of my very soul. Every part of me is telling me to do something; to run, to hide; but it's like I am a million pound anvil; I cannot move.

And then it happens. I could tell it would happen, I knew, and now it did. Your eyes blaze and they're on fire. Your face is contorted and you're angry, terribly angry. You are going to hurt me, I know.

And you do.

I do not know how you do this, but you are slowly killing me inside, slowly and painfully. You're tormenting me and I'm dying, inside and out.

What's worse is that now I look up at you and you appear even worse. You're growing bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, and my pain is growing deeper and deeper. I would have thought by now I'd be dead, but no, now I am searing in pain and still watching you transform into worse and worse monsters.


You're half finished already.

And your hand finally reaches my arm. The strength is amazing; your touch breaks bones, your grip shatters them to pieces.

As your hand reaches my neck I can breathe even less than I could before.

Air is no longer coming; my throat is on fire. The only relief is that I can no longer see; my eyes have been turned off. I do not have to see your tormented face or your horrid muscles and haunted eyes. I now only feel your grip. I am now limp in your arms, all self defense defeated.

I cry out just once more as you pick my up with one hand and I feel something sharp cut into my chest, my now broken heart, ruining my world and ending my torture.

Now the only pain I feel is the face staring at me now. Your face. Smiling.

But I'm in heaven.


Also known as: My personal hell.

Your muscles are growing at an incredible rate; your black shirt is ripping at the seams but you seem not to notice. You are an evil fiend and just your looking at me is killing me. You’re killing me with your mind, and now you're reaching toward me. You're going to destroy me even further. You will destroy me, piece by piece, first in mind then in body.

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