When You Don't Give Up Anything, You Give Up Even More

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A little girl learn a big lesson, making her mother proud.

Submitted: March 15, 2008

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Submitted: March 15, 2008





The little girl looked up at her waiting parents.

There was her father, staring down at her, with all of her favorite things. Her toys. Her dolls. Her beloved teddy bear.

He was expecting her to come to him, to walk along and be a good little girl as she always had. He knew that if she wanted her games and her things, she needed to go to him now.

And there was her mother, sitting next to her, holding her hand and crying. When she saw the little girl looking at her, she smiled and wiped her eyes as best she could. She had nothing to give – except herself. She didn’t have any money or any of the girl’s toys or dolls or favorite possessions.

She wasn’t expecting her daughter to stay with her. She kissed the little girl’s cheek and nudged her forward miserably.

The petite child stood up from the long, hard bench and let go of her mother’s hand, looking back. But she didn’t walk forward to her dad.

She didn’t like to be with her father. Ever. She just liked to play with the things he gave her. But he only let her do that after she did what he wanted her to do. He was mean to her, too.

But her mom was sweet and she loved her mom. Her mother never bought her dresses and dolls and playhouses. Her mother never had any money to buy them with. Her mother didn’t have anything to give her at all. But still, she loved her mother. The little girl loved when her mom picked her up in her arms and kissed her cheeks, and when she brought her to her room and tucked her in and whispered stories in her ear.

"Bébé, doux rêve. Je t’adore, Bébé." She would kiss her forehead and turn out the light, leaving the door open just the right amount.

She couldn’t decide. It was such a hard choice.


She looked ahead. Her dad was looking angry that she was hesitating.

She looked back. Her mother had her head down, tears streaming from her dejected eyes.

The girl knew what she wanted to do now.

And so when the judge coughed, and asked her again to go to the one she wanted to be with, she smiled.

As her mom started to sob louder, she turned her back on her father and ran to the one who loved her.

The little girl threw her arms around her mother’s neck and hugged her tight.

"I want to be with my mom!" she said, eyes closed tight, tears on her cheeks.

As her mom frantically regained composure and hugged her back tightly, the little girl whispered, "I love you Mommy," ignoring her father’s yell of outrage at her.




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