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The Girl in the Bathroom Stall

Script by: taylorthomp5on


A script for a currently unmade short film of mine. This short thriller shows the terrible possibilities that come with chance and random encounters. A dark tale designed to keep you on the edge of your seat!


Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



Scene #1 Streets, Night.

Two men one in his early twenties (David) and one in his early thirties (Tony), dressed in tracksuit pants and hooded sweatshirts run down the streets holding shopping bags full of liquor and small pistols, pantihose cover their faces. Police sirens ring in the background.

Cut between the two men running down various streets and jumping over fences and police cars chasing and searching for them.

Cut to Car Interior

Scene #2 Girl's Car Interior.

A young teenage girl drives alone. Her hair is a mess, she looks extremely depressed and mascara is running down her eyes. She takes a slip from a dented can of beer (camera zooms in closer to her face) She begins to day dream about her childhood.

Cut to Girl's Dream Sequence

Scene #3 Girl's Dream Sequence

The girl (aged nine) sits on her floor playing with her barbie dolls, her alcoholic father begins knocking on the door to her room, trying to get in. She runs to the door and tries to block it, pushes cupboards and toys in front of it, along with her own body. The father soon gets frustrated and busts the door down, the girl is flung across the room, her face is cut and one of her eyes blackened.

Cut back to Girl in the car (present day).

Scene #4 Girl's Car Interior

The Girl shakes in sadness, she grabs the beer and takes another large drink. She turns into a gas station parking lot. She proceeds to open the glove box, a loaded pistol is sitting inside. She starts having another dream sequence about her childhood.

Cut to Girl's Dream Sequence

Scene #5 Girl's Dream Sequence

The Girl (aged nine) sits in her backyard on a swing set, playing with a toy doll.

Cut over to her father using the same pistol as in the car glove box to shoot cans of a fence.

Cut back to the Girl (aged nine) sitting on the swing set, she shivers after each gunshot, the noise soon gets to loud and she tries to block her ears.

Cut back to girl in the car, she grabs the gun and runs into the bathroom at the gas station

Scene #6 Girl's Gas Station Bathroom, Interior.

The girl stumbles into the bathroom. Graffiti covers the walls, toilet paper and rubbish litter the floor, the doors on the stalls are broken. The girl stumbles into the only undamaged stall( the second stall or middle stall). She locks the door and sits down on the seat, pulls out the gun and just stares at it.

Cut back to Streets Night

Scene #7 Streets, Night

The two men continue running away from the police, they duck down a dark alley and escape from them. The two continue running until they reach the gas station where the girl is.

Tony: Quick, In here.

Tony and David run for the bathrooms, they go for the men's toilets but they are locked and under maintenance.

Tony: Here. (Tony points to the girls toilets)

Cut to Girl's Gas Station Bathroom, Interior.

Scene #8 Girls Gas Station Bathroom, Interior

Tony and David run into the girls toilets.

The girl is startled by the men bursting in, she quickly raises her legs onto the seat, so they don't know she's in there.

Tony throws the liquor onto the sink. David drops the bags of stolen liquor on the ground and starts to nervously pace back and forth.

Tony: Alright is there anyone else in here.

David begins looking underneath all the stalls.

David: (nervously) Nah all empty.

Tony: Okay, good. We'll sit here and come up with a plan to get out of this.

David: (nervously) Yeah.

Cut to girl in the stale, she's gripping the gun tight and beginning to tear up.

Quick cut back to outside the stall the two men continue talking.

David: What if someone comes in?

Tony: It's two am, I doubt anyone will be coming in here this late, still we better hurry though.

Cut back to the girl in the bathroom stall, gripping the gun tight, she is shivering and crying even more intensely.

Cut back to outside the bathroom stall the men. David paces nervously.

Tony: What if we steal a car?

David: A car!?

Tony: Yes a car, we've gotta get as far away as we can as quickly as possible.

David: (loudly) We can't steal a car, liquor and petty cash is one thing, but a car!? That's a major crime, we are looking at serious time for this.

Tony: (yelling) Well what choice do we have!?

Cut back to inside the bathroom stall, the girl sits there still crying, she puts the gun into her mouth and turns off the safety.

Cut back to outside the stall. David paces back and forth rubbing his hands threw his hair, Tony sits on the sink checking his gun and stolen liquor.

Cut back to inside the bathroom stall, the girl places her finger on the trigger and slowly starts to pull it back.

Girl: Daddy..

Cut to outside the bathroom stall

David: We should just ditch the stuff and walk away, this is spiralling out of control!

Tony: (yelling) You can't just walk away from this now!

BANG! A loud gunshot goes off from the bathroom stall the girl is in. The two men jump, startled by the gunshot. David in a panic raises his pistol and starts waving it around looking for the shooter.

David: What was that!?

Tony: A gun shot! I though you checked the stalls! (Tony grabs David by the scruff)

David: I did! I did!

Tony: Well check again, I'll cover you.

Tony waves his gun at stall number one. David walks over and pushes the stall door open, he quickly raises his gun as the door opens. It's empty.

Tony: Next one.

David goes to push the second stall door open but its locked. He takes a couple of steps back and kicks the door open. David sees the body and freaks out, he starts to dry reach. David runs into the first stall and throws up in the toilet.

Tony: What the hell is your problem?

Tony walks over and looks into the second stall, he sees the body.

Tony: Aww shit! Come on get over here, it's just a body.

David comes out of the first stall and stumbles over next to Tony

Tony: We better get out of here before police come, I doubt we are the only ones who heard the shot.

David: (with a puzzled and sickly look on his face) What? But the girl.

David walks over to the girl's body and starts poke and touch her seeing if she's alive, he does this with a very unhappy sickly look on his face.

Tony: She's dead, we had nothing to do with it. Now let's get out of here before someone comes into see what that noise was.

David who is in the stall picks up the gun and begins to inspect it, the gun is dripping blood.

David: But, but what if people think we did this. If someone finds a dead body in here they are gonna look at the security cameras and how do you think it's gonna look when they see a girl walk in and then a few minutes later two guys running from the POLICE come in waving guns around! We'll get the blame for this!

Tony: No we won't! They'll find her prints on the gun, we're fine.

David walks out of the stall, the blood covered gun in hand. Tony sees the gun, his face turns pale.

David drops the gun.

Tony: Why would you do that!

Tony runs over and pushes David

David: I don't know, I've never been around a dead body before.

Tony: God damn it!

Tony: Alright, this is what we'll do check her pocket for keys if she has some find out which car's hers and put her body in the trunk. I'll wipe up as much blood as I can with my jumper and toilet paper.

David: What if she doesn't have a car.

Tony: Then you'll have to steal one, genius.

Tony and David drag her body out of the stall and put her in the middle of the bathroom floor. David starts searching through her pockets, he finds a set of keys. Tony takes of his hoodie and starts to use it to wipe up blood.

David: She's got keys!

David runs outside and starts looking around for cars. He walks up to a car, trying to act innocent, he tries to put the keys in the door, but none of them fit. He runs off to another car, this ones unlocked. He opens the drives side door and puts the key in the ignition, he turns it and the car starts. He switches the car off and runs back into the bathroom.

Cut to Tony in the bathroom stall, he's flushing blood covered toilet paper down the toilet.

David enters.

David: Okay we've got a car.

Tony continues scrubbing the toilet.

David: Is the toilet all clean.

Tony: It's as clean as it's gonna get using toilet paper.

David looks into the stall.

David: It looks pretty good to me.

Tony: It's good enough. Okay know lets get her into the car. You carry her and I'll keep look out.

David: Why do I have to carry her?

Tony: Because you're the idiot who decided to pick up the damn gun.

David kneels down and slowly picks up the girl's lifeless body. He stands up holding her, he dry reaches.

Tony: Okay let's go.

Tony peaks his head outside the bathroom door.

Pan of an almost empty gas station car park.

Tony: Okay it looks like it's all clear.

David starts walking to the door.

Tony: Wait!

A car pulls into the gas station. An old man gets out of the car and starts filling up the car with petrol. An old lady also gets out of the car and starts walking towards the toliets.

Tony: Shit!

David: What?

Tony: Someone's coming over here

David starts panicking, he runs to the door to see. The old lady is getting closer.

Tony: I've got an idea. Run to the car when you get a chance.

Scene #9 Gas Station Car Park

Tony runs out of the toilets and over to the old lady.

Tony: Excuse me miss! I locked my keys in my car, do you think I could use your phone to call my girlfriend, she has the spares.

Cut to David, he looks slightly relieved. He gets ready to make a run for the car.

Old Lady: Sorry, I don't have a mobile. I could never understand how to use them haha. But there's a payphone inside, maybe you should go give it a try.

The old lady walks around Tony and continues towards the toilets.

Scene #10 Gas Station Bathroom, Interior.

David: Damn It!

David starts to panic. The old lady gets closer and closer. He starts searching for a place to hid in the toilets. He runs into the second stall he sits the girl on the seat and crouches on the seat so you can see her legs, but not his.

Old lady enters the toilets.

The old lady looks at the stalls, she sees the girl's legs under the toilet door of the middle stall (the only undamaged stall)

Old Lady: Excuse me dear, are you going to be done soon?

Inside the second stall David panics.

Outside the stall the old lady waits for a reply.

Old Lady: Dear?

Cut back to inside the middle stall. David starts to slip from crouching on the seat.

Old Lady: Are you alright in there?

The old lady waits for a reply once again.

Inside the stall the guy starts to slip even more, sweat starts running down his face.

Cut back to outside the stall. The Old Lady gets feed up with waiting and goes into the first stall.

Scene #11 Gas Station Car Park

Tony paces backwards and forth over near the parked cars. (long low shot)

Scene #12 Gas Station Bathroom, Interior.

The old lady comes out of the toilet, walks over to the sink, washes hers hand, adjusts her hair and leaves.

David still crouched over the seat and girl in the stall breathes a sigh of relief. He stands up and peaks his head over the stall door to make sure she is gone and that the toilets are empty. The toilet is empty he hops of the seat and opens the door. He picks up the girl of the seat and gets ready to make a run for the car.

Suddenly the toilet door bursts open. David panics and almost faints.

Cut to reveal however that it is Tony.

Tony: Hurry up!

David nods his head and follows Tony out of the toilets.

Cut to outside the toilets to the gas station car park.

Scene #13 Gas Station Car Park, Exterior.

Tony and David run out of the toilets and over to the girls car. David has the Girl's body over his shoulder and Tony has his gun drawn.

Tony: Keys! Keys!

David: Front left pocket.

Tony reaches into David's front left pocket and pulls out the keys. He quickly opens the trunk of the car and David throws her into the trunk and shuts the boot. (camera filming from inside the trunk)

Tony: Go, Go.

Tony gets into the drivers seat and David gets into the passengers seat. Tony starts the car and the two pull out of the gas station and onto the road. They drive off into the night.

Scene #14 Girl's Car, Interior.

David: So what happens now?

Tony: We've got to get rid of the body and the gun.

David: What about the car though?

Tony: We drop the car off at her house. Her purse is in the back seat, we check her license, find out where she lives and drop the car off there and scrub everything to make sure there's no blood or prints anywhere. That way when police investigate it looks like she made it home.

David: Smart.

Tony nods his head.

David: But where are we going to take the body?

Tony: We'll take the body out of the city and bury it in some woodland area or something.

Scene #15 Open Roads.

A series of shots are shown of the two men driving out of the city and onto less populated roads.

(Close ups while in the city, Long shots while out in the country)

Scene #16 Girl's Car, Interior.

The two men sit in the car. Tony looks very determined and focussed. While David looks scared and pale, he is also visibly shaking.

Police sirens go off in the background. David spins around and looks out of the back window.

David: Oh God. He's pulling us over.

Tony: Just relax.

Tony pulls the car over, the police car pulls up behind it.

The police officer gets out of the car and walks over to Tony's window. The police officer knocks on the window and Tony winds down the window.

Tony: Can I help you officer?

Police Officer: I noticed one of you brake lights was out. Can't have that when you're driving out here, this roads a big truckie hot spot. If you're not careful BAM! They can wipe you out just like that. And I don't want to have to scrap you fellas of the side of the road haha.

Tony: (fake smirk) Haha. We'll get it fixed first thing tomorrow officer.

Police Officer: Well alright then. What're you two doing out this way this time of night any ways?

Tony: We live around here.

Police Officer: Really? You two don't look familiar, I've been working this beat for close to three years now and I know everyone around these parts.

Tony: We're new to the area.

Police Officer: Aww well welcome. We don't get a lot of people coming through here, most people take the highways to the city and we're just left with the farmers, the truckies and the odd criminal.

Tony stares at the police officer, nervously.

Tony: (mumbles) Really?

Police Officer: Yeah, probably shouldn't be telling you two this, since you're new around here and all but we get quite a lot of outlaws coming through here. They seem to think that we don't patrol this area, just because it's small and out of the way. But that's not the case. Yeah I've seen some crazy shit out here.

Tony gives the police officer a half smile.

Police Officer: Day one on the job, right? I'm out here with another officer, he's mentoring me, teaching me the ropes. So any ways the night starts off as normal pretty quiet. Around two am though we pull over this young lady, gorgeous thing she was. My mentoring officer lets me take the lead, I talk to her, get her information and all the standard stuff. Just when I'm about to send her off, the mentoring officer stops me. He notices she's shaking, now this is in the middle of summer and yeah sure it's late at night, but she is really shaking. He realises something isn't right here. He asks her to step out of the vehicle, I open up the door and help her out and she starts balling her eyes out. Now she's crying harder then anyone I've even seen before. So now I'm convinced that something is wrong here as well. My mentor takes the girl and I search the car, I can't find anything. Then I pop the boot and guess what I see?

Tony: I, I don't know.

Police Officer: A body, A freaking body. Turned out it was her husband had been beating her and on this particular night things got out of control and she grabbed a gun to defend herself. She freaked and tried to dump the body. What's worse is that she begins to freak out, now that we've found out. She figures she's going to prison for life. She has a switch blade in her pocket.

Close up off David gripping his gun in his pocket.

Police Officer: Now jacked up on adrenaline she pulls it out and tries to hold us up. Bad idea. We pull out our guns and tell her to drop the knife, but no she's broken. She's nuts after years of beatings and mistreatment she can't take any more. She lunges at my mentoring officer, then bang. I shoot, it was justified, but still it haunts me. She was only twenty three, world at her feet. Gorgeous and absolutely innocent, the last person I would have suspected to have done what she done. But I learned something that day and that's that it truly is the ones you least suspect.

David is nervously twitching and shaking, still gripping his gun. The Police officer notices David shaking.

Police Officer: Everything alright there young fella?

David nervously shakes his head.

Tony: He's fine, Just a little bit nervous about being pulled over haha.

Police Officer: No need to be nervous, not like you two have done anything wrong right?

Tony: No sir.

David continues to shake and twitch, it is getting progressively worse and worse

Police Officer: Well alright then.. You fellas have a good night. Sorry for keeping you with my rambling, gets lonely out here at night time. You sure he's alright?

Tony: Yes officer.

Police Officer: Okay then.

The police officer waves them off and begins walking back to his police car. Tony starts the car up.

The police officer turns around.

Police Officer: (he turns around) Whoa! Hold up!

Police Officer runs back to the driver's window (Tony's window)

Police Officer: Your indicator is pretty dull, the bulb is probably a bit lose. If you pop the boot I can screw it back in for you.

Tony: We can just do it when we get home.

Police Officer: C'mon, it'll only take a few seconds.

Tony: We live just around the corner, really it's fine officer. Thank you.

Police Officer: Okay then I'll see you two around.

Police officer waves the two men off and they drive away.

Scene #17 Interior Girls Car

Tony drives with a determined look on his face, while David sits shaking and hyper ventilating in the passengers seat.

David starts crying.

Tony: Jesus Christ, man up. I'm just as freaked out about all of this as you, the only difference is I'm professional enough to realise what has to be done. Now stop throwing yourself a pity party and help me figure out how to get rid of this damn body.

David continues crying.

Tony: Unless you want to rot in a prison cell for the rest of your life I recommend you stop the crying and focus on the task at hand.

David wipes his tears away and nods.

Tony: Better! Now what are we going to do with the girl? Any ideas?

David still shaking and holding back tears.

David: We dump her in one of the rivers that run around here?

Tony: No it could float down stream and someone could find her. We need to dump her somewhere no one will ever look.

David: An outhouse.

Tony: A what?

David: An outhouse, think about it if we bury her deep enough who will find her? No one's going to go looking under an outhouse for anything.

Tony nods in agreement.

David: Most farmers out this way still use them and usually you only dig a ditch once and then you slowly fill it. If we dig deeper into an outhouse ditch and then bury her no one should find her.

Tony: Outhouse it is.

Cut to shots of the car speeding down the highway.

Scene #18 Farm Field, Exterior Night.

Tony and David drive up to an outhouse in an empty field. Tony stops the car but leaves the lights on.

(Still inside the car)

Tony: Alright you go look for something we can dig with and I'll get the body out of the trunk.

David nods and gets out of the car.

Tony takes a deep breathe and then gets out of the car as well. Tony slowly walks around the car to the boot and opens it. He pulls the body out and throws in onto his shoulder, he then walks back around to the front of the car and lays the body down in front of the car.

David enters holding a shovel.

David: This is all I could find.

Tony: It's fine. Start digging.

Tony and David walk over to the outhouse, the two men lift the outhouse and move it over to the side. David then grabs the shovel, hesitantly jumps into the ditch and starts digging.

Tony walks back to the car and sits on the bonnet.

David: God have the cows been using this or something, it smells terrible.

Tony: I can smell the damn thing from back here.

Things go silent and David continues to dig.

David: Do you think we're murderers?

Tony: Of course not, we didn't kill her. We where just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

David: We mightn't have killed her, but we are covering it up. Does that make us any better then a killer? I mean this girl must have a family or someone who cares about her and whoever they are they will never know what happened to this girl. We might not have been the ones who done the deed, but we're still taking her away from her family. Maybe that makes us even worse then a killer.

Tony: We are better and this girl wanted to die. If she was willing to take her own life in a dirty gas station bathroom then the way I see it she mustn't have many caring people in her life. She pulled the trigger, it was her choice to leave whatever she had behind.

David: But what about respect, I doubt she wanted to be buried under a pile of shit!

Tony: She doesn't deserve any better, she dragged us down with her. Whether it was intentional or not, she screwed us over. And now we are in the same league as bloody Jack the Ripper, if people found out about this we'd be hounded down by mobs of pissed off people. No one's gonna believe us and no one's gonna want to believe us. The public isn't going to want to think that a pretty young thing like her killed herself, with her whole life still ahead of her. She's screwed us and we have to live with this for the rest of our lives.

David looks at Tony with some degree of shock. David he stops talking and continues digging the grave.

David: I think it's done.

Tony: Give us a look.

Tony gets of the bonnet of the car and walks over to the hole.

Suddenly a car light shines on Tony's face. He looks up in shock.

Farmer: (off screen) What're you doing!?

Tony and David both put their hands up.

Tony: Nothing! Nothing, just calm down.

Camera pulls back to reveal that a farmer around fifty years old and a younger guy aged about 21 have pulled up in a pick up truck, shot guns in hand.

The farmer notices the girl's body.

Farmer: What the hell happened!?

David: We can explain!

Farmer: Is she breathing?

Tony and David give each other an unsettling look.

Farmer: Is she alive!?

Tony takes a deep breathe.

Tony: No.

The farmer and the young guy aim their guns at Tony and David.

Tony: We can explain, it isn't what it looks like, you have to believe us.

Farmer: You've got about thirty seconds before you both wind up laying next to her with half your heads blown off.

Tony: Listen we just found her like this and freaked out and we took her out here to dump her.

Farmer: That's a pathetic excuse for a story.

Young Guy: Why wouldn't you call the police?

David starts to tear up and hyper ventilate.

Tony: Because..

David pulls out his gun from his belt and starts to fire it at the Farmer and the Young Guy. The Farmer and Young Guy duck down behind the pick up truck doors.

Tony grabs David's arm and pushes it along with the gun up into the air.

Tony: What're you doing!?

The Farmer gets up from behind the car door and shoots Tony in the back. Tony falls to the ground inside the dug grave.

David: Tony!

David drops his gun and falls to his knees crying.

David: Tony. Stay with me Tony.

Tony starts coughing up blood. Then without saying a word, his eyes roll back and he dies.

David sits there in the ditch holding Tony's dead body and crying.

Farmer: (in the background) Get the police on the phone!

The camera slowly pans out of the ditch and over towards the girls dead body, when the dead girl's body is in frame the camera locks.

The camera continues to roll while on the girl for ten seconds. (no sound)

suddenly the silence is broken.


Farmer: Get Down!

A single gunshot is heard.

Young Guy: Oh God!

Suddenly the screen goes black.

Roll Credits.

The Girl In The Bathroom Stall

By Taylor Thompson

© Copyright 2016 taylorthomp5on. All rights reserved.

The Girl in the Bathroom Stall

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



A script for a currently unmade short film of mine. This short thriller shows the terrible possibilities that come with chance and random encounters. A dark tale designed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

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