High School Sucks!!!

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Brittany Wright life almost revolves around her brother. Mike is the most popular guy in school he even slept with almost the entire school. After catching him hooking up with the girl that tried to ruin her life says words that make what she never wanted to happened. Could life get any worse.

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High School Sucks!!!

Submitted: August 20, 2012

Brittany popularity revolves around her older brother Mike. Her boyfriend cheats on her then always manage to sweet talk his way back. After she ran away her brother looks for then ends up dead. Brittany feels it's her fault since her lasts words was 'I hope you died then you could see if I gave a damn'!!! Could her life she any worse??? Read Chapter

Wishes Do come Truth

Submitted: August 22, 2012

  ***Not going to EVER write the sex scenes in this story I just don't feel write talkin bout it, and sorry it's so short*** ... Read Chapter

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