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Just shit that I was feeling at the moment

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012





Suppose dreams do come true

Suppose life was lived for you

Suppose that doesn't seem far off.


Suppose it all was milky grey

Suppose there was no black and white

Suppose colors weren't so different

Suppose you look at it in a new light.


Suppose green and purple were neighbors

Suppose hues had no highs and lows

Suppose that maybe in the near future

colors are merely apart of rainbows.


Suppose there was meaning to revolution

Suppose we stuck to the consitution

Suppose it weren't -dom to be free-.


Suppose when we tripped, we were picked back up

Suppose there was no status between you and I

Suppose it were all about "we" and "us"

Suppose there was truth in every little lie.


Suppose we were bees welcomed to every flower

Suppose our instincts was to live and let live

Suppose we all weren't concerned with others' power

but instead gave as much as we could give.


Suppose it such a silly word

llike other words that have no meaning.

Like weird, foreign, normal, or absurd,

suppose is only said to describe your believing.


But suppose to suppose wasn't limited.

You can suppose all you want and not make a move

Suppose just one step immediately got you into the groove


Suppose everything was OURS

Oh I know, now you're probably laughing

But suppose I am right...

You could suppose anything but that doesn't mean you can't make it happen.

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