Taking My Own Advice

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This is basically me talking to myself and finally taking the advice I've given to so many other people.

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



"Taking My Own Advice"


I'm losin' hope.

"Such a pretty face carries eyes like kaleidascopes.

So many tears, enough to fill a thousand moats.

You sit and gloat liket here's nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Just continue feeling low like the pride you hold may vary.

And whilst talking nonsense with grandma sherrie,

you make a toast to help you cope.

Silly sippers sipping matching glasses."


Oh Lord, I've used all hope to hope it passes.

Losin' hope, Losin hope.

Cut the rope, I'm losin' hope.


"You picked a rose from a garden,

then flicked the nose of a pardon.

Stupid we, slap my knee.

The next you're tricked, when it grows, let it be.

And when it's fixed you will be

just as you were with those lovely folks.

But don't share your soap,

dirty hands dressed in rings look so pretty when it glows.

Thus, without the rose you must cope.

Losin' hope? Losin' hope?

Don't cut the rope, don't lose hope."


Holy smokes, I'm feeling your cold hands

hold my bones like endless commands... or a black lab.

If you understand or get the joke.


"I hope you know we all suppose or propose and expose

what is truly real

and what we truly feel.

That's just how it goes when we walk the same slope.

So I really, truly hope you listened close.

Yes, I really hope you're not losin' hope, losin' hope."


Pull the rope, I'm choosing hope.


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