Fast Food

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Hazards of Fast Foods

Fast Foods, Faster Death!


In this fast world with well developed facilities but less time people have almost everything but nearly no time to spare for cooking. Most of us go for fast food or junk food as a remedy to save time.

Grieve is we are aware of the hazards caused by these fast foods but we are left without a choice. That is really a thing to bother about.

In some part of world people are dying because of hunger. They lack food to eat. But in most of the place people die equally or even more than that because of unhealthy and over consumption of food!

Marketing is doing a big role in setting up a meal pattern for us. When choosing what to eat we give priority for taste not our health!

Excess amount of salt and sugar contained in these food items generously gift us with a body full of diseases, Not only a body but also a stressed Mind. We are affected both physically and mentally!

Have you ever noticed that Obesity, Diabetes, High blood pressure and Mental Stress are so common these days? Specially among youngsters. Do you aware that these are side effects of fast foods?

Yes, that is the well known truth! It is not a secret anymore. Recent Researches have proved that “Fast Foods even lead to cancer”.  

We are standing in an era of extra ordinary development. With all those facilities provided by this improved technology we forgot what our real need is! We are well educated and proud. So we don’t like to listen to advices, although they are for our own good. In the mission of satisfying our tongue’s preferences we forget to satisfy the needs of our body.

A meal with green vegetables, vitamin enriched foods with fair amount of salt, a complete meal with all nutrients these things have become very rare. Avoid fast foods and spend a little time to make your food. It’s not going to harm you at any means. Choose what’s healthy not tasty!

Don’t dare to give a chance for death to creep through your food to reach you earlier!

“Health is Wealth”




Submitted: November 16, 2014

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